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Craft Gore Wind Stop Skull Hat

Review: Craft Gore Wind Stop Skull Hat

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We Liked

I liked that the Craft GWS "Gore Wind Stop" Skull Hat kept my head warm without sweating as it would if wearing another beanie that would have to be a thicker and heavier fabric to keep my head as warm. By wearing a thicker, heavier hat sweat does not evaporate as well, ultimately making me colder when my speed or the wind increased again. A thinker hat changes the fit of my helmet, making the straps tighter and uncomfortable. In cold weather before wearing the Craft GWS Skull Hat I usually rode with two beanies. One lightweight and one heavier stopping occasionally to put on or take off the thicker one or deal with having a cold head while moving fast or a hot sweaty head while climbing. Craft's solution is a lightweight form fitting beanie that blocks the wind where needed for the cyclist. By combining the Pro Zero Fabric for the main body of the hat, which by the way is the core of Crafts elite layering system and lining the front of the hat with Gore Wind Stop fabric to block the bone chilling wind. The cut of the Craft GWS hat is excellent, it is ½ inch lower in the rear for better fitting while riding. The result is a skull hat that is lightweight, warm and comfortable under a helmet. The Craft GWS is a heavyweight on performance for cold weather riding.

We Didn't Like

Not a thing.

The Final Say

The Craft GWS Skull Hat looks and fits great. It is surprisingly warm for as light and thin as it is, no adjustment needed to your helmets to wear under. The main body being construcetd of Pro Zero fabric wicks sweat better than heavier and thicker hats, with Gore Wind Stop material lining the front were the winds hits you first. The bottom line: more coverage, lightweight, plenty of warmth and wicks sweat away when needed. Way to go Craft!

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