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Countdown Glove

Review: Countdown Glove

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We Liked

We got the GORE Countdown gloves in and we were very happy with several things about them. First of all the glove is waterproof. This is a big thing in cyclocross as if your hands are wet they will most likely get cold as well and then you are miserable. But it just was not enough just to make the glove water proof. Water will conduct heat and so GORE gave the Countdown glove insulation so you hands will be warm as well. We all know that wen our hands get cold we lose the ability to move them. Our gross and fine motor skills are greatly affected by the temperature. So Warm good!

One thing I hate is when a company does not put thought into the design of their product. For example a company will make some kind of rain product like a jacket or a pant and they will give it a feature but will put a zipper or Velcro that is small and is very difficult to grab or use with gloves on. Its ok and fairly easy with your bare hands. But who wants to take their nice warm glove off to get their hand cold or wet or both? Not me. GORE thought this one through and gave this glove a large and wide Velcro strap that is easy to operate with gloves on. Nicely done guys! In addition to that GORE put reflective strips on the little finger of the gloves. Now that is cool because your little finger is on the outside of the bars and is an area that offer visibility in low light conditions

It was obvious to us after putting the glove on that GORE put some time into the construction of the glove as we thought it would be a bulky cumbersome piece. It turns out that this glove is nothing of the sorts. Its very light and easy for finger articulation. So GORE put a lot of thought and time into the construction of this glove.

We Didn't Like

There are only a few little things that we found on the gloves that are note worthy when buying this glove.

We got the gloves in and we normally take a large in a glove. No matter who we go to its a large that we get. We were surprised to get a set of XL in the mail and they fit! So they run small and you should try on a pair before you buy them.

The seam at the tip of the thumb was kind of annoying. I think that this is a personal thing and may not be noticeable to other people.

We would also like to see some rubber/silicone on the tip of the Velcro flap. We feel that this would make grabbing the flap a lot easier.

Don't get the cuff of the glove wet or it can draw the water up into the glove.

The Final Say

If your going to race cyclocross that usually means being out in the elements and from September to January that can be any thing from 70 to 10 below. So you better have the right gear. You need a good pair of cold weather and rain gloves. Rain when its 70 is no big deal but rain at 40 or 35 is just down right miserable. If you hands are warm you can shift and break. You can grip the bars and that means avoiding things like ruts and other riders. I was out for 3 hours in the cold with scattered showers. My hands were warm and dry. I don't think I would have been out that long with cold hands. Usually with a cold weather glove you lose a lot of articulation in the fingers and palm area. However Gore managed to keep the Countdown Glove warm, water proof and light all the while keeping good articulation in the glove. Nicely done.

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