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Command Bib tights

Review: Command Bib tights

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We Liked

If you have been in cycling for a while then you know of or have heard of Santini. You know that its hand made in Italy and if you dont I do because I have been to the factory and have met Mr. Santini. So here are a few things that we like about this winter tight.

  • Big wide straps for the shoulders

  • Comes in Furo accent colors and high reflective details.

  • Warm and soft fabric. The tights are made from Blizzard Power fabric that has been treated with Acquazero. This makes the tights warm wind resistant and warm.

  • Acquazero Treatment. Acquazero is a treatment that puts a DWB on the fabric its self. Making the fabric highly water resistant. Its not water proof though.

  • NAT Chamois. Very comfy for long winter days.. The chamois has a gel core for enhanced comfort

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

We have had a lot of hours over the winter with these tights. My first impressions are they are very comfortable. And this is saying alot in that going out in the cold is not a comfortable thing. They are not totally wind proof so dont think that they are for arctic riding. But if there is some snow on the ground and the streets are clear of snow then this is the ticket. The roads can even be wet. Cold morning rides you will find youself reaching for this pair of tights that feel like your favorite flannel pajamas. Again this is Italian clothing and from a Italian company that is hand made with a deep and rich history of cycling clothing.

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