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Chrome Ankle Merino Wool Sock

Review: Chrome Ankle Merino Wool Sock

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We Liked

This is my first review as *The Grinder*. So, I'll start at the bottom. Or the feet, rather.

Chrome makes great urban-flavored products and I recently scored a pair of ankle socks. I don't care about the fashion rules of cycling, I've got great legs and the world deserves to see as much of them as possible.

These socks surprised me with their extremely high levels of awesomeness. They are as soft on my delicate paws as a baby's butt. Not that i know that for sure. They are warm, but not hot. They're even left and right specific!

They have taken a beating, accompanied me on many long distance rides, and have been through my rules-free laundry system several times now without shrinking. They look and feel as good as the day I bought them. Yay Chrome.

We Didn't Like

Can't think of a single thing. Love 'em.

The Final Say

Buy them immediately...! Or, if your ankles can't stand up to the scrutiny of the general public or that dude trying to pass you, grab a pair of the crew length ones for just $4 more.

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