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Castelli Puro Jersey

Review: Castelli Puro Jersey

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We Liked

In the spring time one of the most important pieces in your cycling wardrobe is a mid weight long sleeve jersey. This will allow you to ride train and race in a very wide temperature range. The mid weight long sleeve jersey allows you to layer up with a heavy/light jacket for different temperatures or a rain jacket. Also you you can do the same underneath. You can have a heavy base layer to light or none at all. So getting a long sleeve jersey is pretty important. So here are a few things that we love about the Puro Long sleeve jersey

  • Good athletic fit.
  • zippers work.
  • Main body of the jersey is made up of a mid weight fleece material.
  • Jersey fits that niche of not too warm, Just right.
  • Arms are made up of a lighter weight fleece material that don't bind up at the elbows so there is really good freedom of movement.

We Didn't Like

Rear pockets sit up too high on the back to be easily accable. We had to sit up and take both hands off the bars to put stuff in them. We found this really annoying and on a long ride it went from annoying to frustrating. After examination of the jersey there is plenty of room to lower them down. So they need to be moved.

And becasue we are talking about the pockets. We thng that they are a little on the small side. So if you need to put your arm warmres in one of the pockets thats abotu all your going to be able to get in there and even then they will stick out half way.

Wear. After about a month and a half of wearing the jersey 2-3 times a week we found that it started pilling around the collar. We did adhear to the care instructions. Wash in cold and we hung it to dry.

The Final Say

Castelli has been making high tech cycling wear for a long time and offer a very broad range of shorts, jersey, gloves and jackets for just about any riding conditions. The real trick is getting it "Just Right". There is nothing like going out on a ride and not having to worry about how you are dressed and that you are dressed perfectly for the ride and the conditions. The Castelli Puro jersey is a excellent jersey. It will cover you in the cold and wet spring and the take you on the cool fall rides into the start of winter. Now depending on where you live this might be your winter jersey. The jersey material is soft and the construction is spot on except for the rear pockets. Even though the pockets are deep enough they are placed a little high for our liking and they are a little small as well. The rear pockets are difficult for us to get to with out sitting up and taking both hands off the bar. Sadly this is what keeps the jersey from being perfect. Can you lower the pockets and make them slightly bigger please!

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