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Bellwether Woolies Socks

Review: Bellwether Woolies Socks

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We Liked

For most folks, when they think of wool, the first thing that comes to mind is that rough, scratchy, itchy sweater they had when they were a kid. While that may have been true 20 years ago, a lot has changed with the industry knowledge about natural fabrics and how to cultivate and use them. Bellwether sent us a pair of their Woolies socks for evaluation and I was very happy with how soft and form fitting they were when I put them on my feet. No scratching or itching here! The socks come in a single color which is a gun metal grey. So why do we like this? Simple put, they are not black which means they can have a wider role than just riding. The other thing great about this color is that they are easier to keep clean when compared to light colored socks. While many socks offer the same density of knit throughout, the Woolies vary from top to bottom. The top has a thinner knit for breathability while the bottom offers a thicker knit for cushioning of the foot. Wash after wash this durable sock kept it shape and feel.

We Didn't Like

While the top of the Woolie sock has a thinner knit, it needs to be a little thicker for winter riding warmth. Maybe add some more graphics. But you know how us racers are!

The Final Say

The bottom line is that the Woolie is a really good wool sock for the money. High quality in the construction. The sock held it's form wash after wash. We love them. The only thing better would be to sell them in a multi-pack.

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