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Bellwether ThermoDry Bib Knicker

Review: Bellwether ThermoDry Bib Knicker

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We Liked

Getting the correct cut of a knicker or a tight is a tough thing to do, and quite frankly, not every company gets it right. However, Bellwether did get it right on the cut and fit of this bib knicker. Mile after mile was spent with this garment wrapped around me like a warm second skin. Fabric plays another important part of the knicker assembly. Bellwether did a great job choosing the fabric for the ThermoDry Bib Knicker which is heavy and warm. The high quality design of the chamois is evident in a well formed pad that will provide hours of riding comfort. There are several things that we recommend including in your Fall weather/Cyclocross wardrobe and having a pair of heavy bib knickers is mandatory. These things are so functional that you will be happy that the temperature has fallen so you can wear them.

We Didn't Like

There was very little that we didn't like about this set of bib knickers. I would include a little more style in them, maybe adding a color to them. We were very surprised to see that there was a single reflective detail (company logo on the left thigh) on the ThermoDry Knickers. As this is a Fall/Winter garment, reflective details or piping should be a mandatory addition for visibility and safety.

The Final Say

Bellwether did a excellent job in selecting the fabric and creating a proper pattern to make a winning combination. The ThermoDry Bib Knickers are a great piece with a lot of features that you would normally see on similar garments that cost twice as much. If you want the performance and not pay the price this is an excellent choice.

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