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All Weather XP Glove

Review: All Weather XP Glove

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We Liked

Fits literally like a glove. The All weather XP glove has some of the tightest tolerances that I have come across. And If you are going to get a pair I would not order on line because you really need to try on a pair for size. We found that the right size gave great articulation. Moving fingers was easy for shifting and we didn't have a lot of fabric rolling over and getting in the way of any of our shifting and braking operations.

Last year we got gloves from Seal Skinz and there was a problem of the liner pulling out. This year they have fixed this problem and I can attest that is it solved.

The glove also come with a good amount of grip on the palm. This is really nice as I hate gloves that don't have the right amount of grip and that means that you have to hold on with more force than you should. This will rob you of valuable energy that you need for forward motion.

Speaking of the grip, The glove also has 7 pressure pads strategically located on the palm. In cyclocross you want to be connected to your bike but not get beat up. Seal Skinz does a nice job of getting that padding balance. Some gloves have just too much.

We Didn't Like

The Glove is not water proof. First ride was for 2.5 hours in rain. The rain was light but constant and after about an hour I was getting water in the glove at the finger tips and then after 2 hours my hands were totally soaked. We were also getting water through the cuff but we though that had to do with the rain jacket that we had on. The rain jacket didn't have water proof cuffs and water got through the cuff hit out jersey and was taken into the glove that way. So we went for another ride in the rain with a different rain jacket. This jacket did have water proof cuffs and after 30 min commuting in heavy rain we got the same results with water penetrating at the finger tips.

The wrist section is tight making putting on and taking the glove off dificult. We found that the cuff was fine and had plenty of room but the wrist area was tight and getting our hand through that corridor was difficult. Even though the glove felt custom it was hard getting on and off. And more than likely you might have to take the glove off during a ride and if its raining at the time it is even more difficult to get back on with wet hands but thats true with all gloves in the rain.

Moving down from the wrist section to the Spine of the glove or lack of one. The spine is a section that the wearer grips and pulls the glove on to their hand. In this important part of the glove The spine should be a solid piece of non streatchable frabric that runs from the pull point up through the palm of the glove. So when you pull the glove on the pull force is distributed throughout a larger area. This glove has a rubber pull point that is easy and intuitive to find. However, there is no spine present and because of the tight wrist tunnel the gloves are starting to fail/rip at the pull point. Please add a spine to the glove.

The Final Say

When you hands are wet and cold your not happy. Seal skins hits the market with their all weather XP glove and its has a lot of good features that make this glove shine on several fronts. The fit is almost custom with it being skin hugging while offering excellent dexterity for its wearer. The palm of the glove has excellent grip and just enough padding we love that. Last year the liner in the glove would separate when you pulled the glove off. This year Seal Skinz has fixed that issue and the liner would not come out any time we pulled them off our hands. However, the glove falls short in living up to its claim of being water proof. We think that the chink in the seal's Armor may be in the construction and the issue may be a QC problem. When your hands are wet and cold you are miserable. Because of this we can't justify the cost of $60 for a waterproof glove that is not waterproof.

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