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Adidas Terrex Korum Jacket

Review: Adidas Terrex Korum Jacket

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We Liked

Not a lot of people know that Adidas is in the winter sports market and have been making active outdoor clothing for a while now. Not only does it include trail running clothing but also includes mountain clothing as well. Adidas has a whole line of cold weather high performance tops and bottoms. We got our hands on this one as nationals is going to be in Boulder Colorado this year and you need a jacket that is packable, light weight and warm. here are a few things that we liked about the Adidas Terrex Korum jacket.
  • Premium
  • goose down 700-fill-power! Goose down is extremely warm, lightweight and compressible. Goose is the gold standard in winter jackets. Nothing beats goose down for warmth and weight. Man has been trying to make a synthetic insulator that is on the same level as goose down but is still coming up short. And this jacket has 90 goose down and 10% feathers giving it a 700 fill power rating and that means its pretty darn warm.
  • Nylon shell is water-repellent. Now Goose down is super warm until it gets wet. Then its not so good. So Adidas gave the shell water repellency to give a little more protection from the elements.
  • Underarm stretch panels aid ventilation and flexibility. This is a pretty cool feature in that is really works. The underarm sections move very nicely with you and also allow you to not over heat when you are out running around the course cheering on your favorite mudskipper to a national title.
  • Adjustable hood and hem; zippered hand warmer pockets; The zippered chest pocket is generous and spacious. You can put just about anything in this pocket short of an iPad. The Zipper pull on it is easy to grab and is shaped and rubberized for easy grip. ; elasticized cuffs also helps keep the warmth in.
  • The Adidas Terrex Korum hoodie for men stows into its own pocket for easy pack ability. This is a pretty cool feature to have in such a warm jacket. If you travel a lot this means that you can take it on the plane with you or turn it into a pillow on the plane or the car.

We Didn't Like

So even though this jacket is one of our winter favorites we would like just a couple of things changed about it.

We would like a fleece lined hand pockets

Also we would like fleece lining at the cuffs and collar of the jacket.

The Final Say

Let me start off by saying that when the mercury drops you will want this one. Adidas set out to make a world class mountain jacket for people that move and play outdoors. That is exactly what Adidas did. They gave the Terrex 700 level fill with 90% goose down and 10% feathers. 700 fill is considered very good for insulation and we all know that when down gets wet it looses its insulation. Well they thought of that as well, Adidas made the shell water resistant. When you need this jacket it won't be raining. It will be snowing or so cold that the race couse is a ice rink. And if we all remembered last year at cyclocross nationals it was really cold. This year nationals will be in Boulder Colorado and that is over 5,000 feet above sea level. Think snow, think very cold conditions. We love how this jacket fits us and how warm it is. I am also impressed with how light and packable it is. When you are traveling you need to think space and weight to get the most out of your gear. Everyone that we have shown the jacket to wants one. The Adidas Terrex Korum is a very warm and handsome jacket. If this jacket has some fleece lining in the pockets we would give it 5 cowbells. But we feel that if we give you 5 cowbells there should be nothing to change on it. So in this instance the Adidas TerraxKorumgets 4 out of 5 cow bells and because of this jacket we are going to try and change it so we can give half cow bells because if we could we would have given 4.5 in this instance. Good luck to all heading to Boulder!

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