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Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, 4th Ed.

Review: Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, 4th Ed.

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We Liked

Well organized the newbie to seasoned pro will easily find what they need.

Detailed step-by-step instructions with skill levels 1 – 3 noted for each

Cyclocross specific considerations and Pro Tips are noted throughout the manual.

Appendixes for Troubleshooting, Gear Chart, Road Bike Fitting, Glossary and a Torque Table

I have a simple philosophy regarding bicycle maintenance and repair. Being that, you should not ride it if you can’t in the very least do you own basic maintenance and emergency repairs, regardless of the persons experience level. Sounds simple enough but were does a newbie for example start when they have absolutely zero experience? Step one: Buy Zinn & The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance. Leennard Zinn if you have been involved in cycling for any length of time you know him as a regular technical writer/columnist for VeloNews, frame builder, he is also a avid cyclocross racer himself.

Zinn & The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance now in its 4th edition is essential cycling equipment or the newbie and well seasoned rider it is the go to guide covering every conceivable component of the modern road and cyclocross bicycle. The guide is smartly organized with helpfull illustrations throughout.

Starting off with Chapter One outlining the tools that are needed in order to perform their own maintenance and repairs. Zinn has made it easy by having 3 levels of tool kits required for the three levels of repairs, so if you have a level one tool kit you will have the necessary tools needed for a level one repair and so on. Chapter Two: Basic Stuff covers just that the basic stuff EVERY CYCLIST should know how to do, specifically the pre ride check, cleaning the drivetrain and a periodic maintenance schedule. Chapter Three: Emergency Repairs has you covered with quick temporary fixes to get home. The information in these first three chapters alone is worth the cost of $24.95

The most notable additions in the 4th edition of the guide are disc brakes, electronic shifting and noted throughout the manual are Cyclocross Specific Considerations any Cyclocrosser will find invaluable. My favorite are the little golden tidbits being the Pro Tips like “Cyclocross Demands Frequent Chain Replacement” and “Carbon Seat Posts” each with added information and details the pros know that are the difference in a good job vs a great job.

No manual of any type is not complete without useful appendixes and Zinn has you covered with A: Troubleshooting, B: Gear Chart, C: Road Bike Fitting, D: Glossary and E: Torque Tables. The glossary in particular is essential for new cyclists being when you do need to take your bike to a professional mechanic knowing some of the specific vocabulary can go a long way in how you communicate with them besides bringing them thier favorite beer. For those that must do all their repairs like me the troubleshooting and torque tables are my go to reference, frankly I can’t do without either of them.

We Didn't Like

The only thing I would suggest is to have chapter identifier blocks on the right edge of the pages like quality auto service manuals have for faster reference.

The Final Say

Zinn & The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance 4th edition I consider it essential cycling gear for all road and cyclocross riders. Every rider should know the basics and have a solid understanding of emergency repairs. Having a well-maintained bike is step one in having fun cycling. Don’t be that rider that slows down every group ride because your bike is always having issues. Save money, save time and increase your knowledge of the sport by doing your bike maintenance and repairs yourself. Zinn & The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance 4th edition earns Cross Bike Reviews highest rating, count em One, Two, Three, Four, Five Cowbells!

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