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The Time Crunched Cyclist third Edition

Review: The Time Crunched Cyclist third Edition

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We Liked

So apparently third time's the charm. Chris Carmichael has come out with his third edition of "The time Crunched Cyclist". So here is the rundown of what we liked about their latest edition.

  • Bigger! They have added over 160 pages to their newest book.
  • Plan examples
  • Easy to understand plan construction.
  • Disclaimer section.
  • Simple interval explantions.
  • Bigger nutrition section with recipes.
  • Training & Racing Fueling section.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

If you have been involved in cycling you have heard of Chris Carmichael, and you know that Chris is the founder of Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado Springs. He and his crew have been coaching endurance sports for several decades. This is their third edition to the title and it has seen a major overhaul from the previous editions. Overall the book is very well laid out and has lots of research to back up what the two authors are guiding each time crunched racer to do. The book is an easy read and its has expanded from 262 pages to 430 pages. So what was added? Well Lance is out of the equation to start off with. There were 11 chapters and now there are 16. There is a bigger section on nutrition and how to fuel for and during a race. This section has some recipes for you to try and experiment with. The workout section are easy to follow and gives some guidelines with some examples on how to set up your plan. There is also a disclaimer section about setting realistic goals and what is realistic to keeping your fitness with such a short amount of time to train with. The book also tells you have to set up your training zones by doing Chris’ own unique FTP test. So what do we think? Its a good book with sound research and science that is made easy to understand and allows just about any time crunched cyclist to come up with their own plan to fit their schedule and have fun racing on the weekends.

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