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Gravel Cycling

Review: Gravel Cycling

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We Liked

Nick Legan’s book Gravel Cycling really delivers. I’ve done a fair bit of gravel grinding, and was very pleased with the guide Nick created. There are so many cool things about this book. The photos show some front seat action, and I even recognized a few riders. There are details for lots of rides in the U.S., as well as some overseas. When I say details, I mean everything from terrain to climate to the community you can expect on the ride to anecdotes about how the ride began and who’s finished it. I could go on, but I don’t need to, because Nick covers it all! More than a guidebook, I could see this book being viewed as a piece of history about the development of the gravel race and tour. It has a timelessness to it, so even though it’s useful to you as far as what you might need to pack for a particular ride, it won’t be out of date next week. 

We Didn't Like

Well, it’s a really small thing, but he said the Oregon Outback only happened as an official event one time. This “not a race” off road race across the state definitely happened twice – I was there!

The Final Say

If you’re looking for a gift for the “cyclist who has everything”, or you’re considering dabbling into off-road adventures yourself, this is the ultimate guide. Of course, there are all the gear photos and advice and tire geekery we’ve come to expect, but there are also some detailed interviews with gear designers and riders. The illustrations can help even the most novice gravel adventurer figure out their water sterilizer, but are written in a way that keeps it interesting for more experienced riders.  

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