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Behind the Stare

Review: Behind the Stare

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We Liked

This is a great book for any one that loves cyclocross and follows the top racers in Europe and the US. The book gives never before insight to the personalities and the daily training and workings of the top professional cyclocross racers. The book does an excellent job talking about the popularity of cyclocross in Belgium and Flanders. In Geoffs book he has shared the experiences that he has had over in Europe from hanging out with the top euro pros like Sven Nys, Lars Boon and Erwin Vervecken to actually attending the weekly CX group training session with some of the top Pro teams like Fidea & Rabobank. With dates at the beginning of every chapter you get the sense of being on a journey through the European cyclocross culture. Another thing that we love about this book are all of the pictures of the experiences that Geoff talks about. Lastly there is something that all of us cx races wounder. How do the pros train? There is a section in the back with Laars Boom's training log that will no doubt get lots of attention from anyone that picks up this book.

We Didn't Like

Geoff you didn't write this book sooner. Hope your press can handle the demand.

The Final Say

Behind the stare is a must have for any cyclocross veteran or aspiring young pro. It will make a great gift for the holidays and will fit nicely into some ones stockings. The 270+ page book is literally a journey through the cyclocross culture that many only dream about here in the US. Geoff's book takes you along for the ride with him and other pros and you will get an insight on their lives. This includes their private, lives at their homes, out in the mud training and racing. Not to mention the experience of attending week long cx training camps in Belgium with the top cyclocross teams of Rabobank and Fida.If your in a relationship with a cyclocross racer and you don't know what to get them then this is the perfect gift. Once size fits all with this gift and it will give hours of enjoyment as they relax after a hard day on the bike.

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