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Trigon XQC01

Review: Trigon XQC01

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Right Out of the Box


In 2009 we had talked to TRIGON at Interbike and they were very interested in the cyclocross market. TRIGON has been making frame, forks and other parts for the cycling industry for a long time. Their customers are a Who's Who in the cycling world. Thier story is basicly like Giant's. Back in the day Giant made bicyles for the rest of the cycling industry. Then one year Giant came out with thier own line. Trigon is doing the exact same thing. They are the manufacturer.

So we got in touch with the distributor for North Aerica and got them to send us the new 2010 Trigon cyclocross frame set with a few other goodies. They sent with the frame set a stem, seat post and handle bars. So when it came we were very excited to get it out of the box. Man o man what a piece of art. We pulled this thing out of the box and it was beautiful. The fork was also something to behold. The fork is a straight blade with a generous mud clearance. This fork can be put this on any cyclocross racers christmas list.

Road Test Ride


The bike is stiff and light and you can really tell this on the road. Riding the Trigon on the road was almost like riding my road bike. Stiff, light and responsive. There was no flex in the bottom bracket on the climbs and it was equally enjoyable going up and down hill. There was no fork chatter from it at all on the road. This was a really good sign for this beautiful steed. We did get some noise out ofthe brakesbut after a wheel change it was gone. So the ride was so good on the road that we almost forgot that we were on a cross bike. We soon had thoughts of putting low profile brakes on it and putting a 50t chain ring and just racing the Trigon on the road.

Dirt Test Ride


I am so lucky to have the job of testing cyclocross equipment. This bike begs for the whip on the trail. The Trigon ispure fun as this it dove into corners and scrambled up the climbs. Earlier I said thatI am lucky but one of the down falls is that some times I come to the realization that the engine (me) just does not do the bike (the Trigon)justice. It reminds me of a line out of a Billy Idol song and the bike cried " more, more, more" Powell Bute park has a couple of areas that we take the bikes to for our testing. Half of the park is single track that is loaded with super twisty, off camber turns and climbs. The other half is groomed double track in open fields that allow us to spin up the big chain ring and let the big dog run.

Its not twitchy in the handling of the single track and its almost like you can feel it whispering in your ear "faster, faster'. So on the wide open double track the bike is stable and predictable at higher speeds and did not make us uncomfortable as the bike led me through the trail at increasing higher and higher speeds. Then I got a call from "Scotty" in the engine room and I had to take the warp engines (my legs)off line for a little bit. No Problem Ill just pull back and take the Trigon into the woods to see how we will do in the up and down world of the single track.

The bike is equally hat home in the woods as it is in the open double track. the woods of Power Bute park are single track with sharp turns and steep climbs or run ups in one case that will test the bike and rider alike. I can say this section is a lot of power on, on the brakes shiv down and then power on again and really taxed my engine after a few hot laps. Once again more bike than engine. Nothing but pure fun. The Trigon had no problems with the sharp turns and rooted off camber descents of the dense forest of Powell Butepark.

Trainer Test Ride


We put it on the trainer and had no flex. And I have to tell you I was not surprised about that. With its massive down tube and the size of the bottom bracket the trigon will not flex. This ensures all of the power that you put down will go into the drive train. Thumbs up!

Race Test Ride


We had a lot of fun racing this bike at the cross crusade this past year. The nice thing about having a season on it is that you get to ride it in all type of terrain and conditions. PIR (Portland International Raceway) was a mud fest! Lots and lots of mud! It would pour for about an hour then let up and then repeat over and over again. We had the right tires and the bike did a great job in taking it on and navigating all the off camber mud slides and high speed road sections. I didn't have to pit once. Love it!

We Liked

The frame set is very light and will beat or match any bike in its class with regard to weight. This is due to the super high quality Japanese carbon that is used and that the fork is entirely carbon. A lot of the the carbon forks that are out there have a bonded aluminum steerer tube on them not this one. The fork is 100% carbon fiber and its a beauty.

The Trigon XQC 01 bike is really stiff and we like that! We are a little bit bigger than the normal cyclocross rider. At 175 lbs we can flex a frame pretty good when we get on it and put all of our weight behind it. This also makes the frame very responsive in its handling.

This review is being written after a full season of riding and racing this frame set. We can say with out a doubt that this is a very strong frame set. Week after week we took this bike out and rode it to the edge and then a little more. Each time we cleaned it off and put it away I couldn't help but thinking that it as I was walking away the bike was saying "is that it?" " Is that all you got"?

The Trigon XQC 01 has lots of cool features that we liked about this frame set but my favorite is the fork that comes with this frame set. We didn't get the bike complete so we were able to check the fork out on its own. It is literally a piece of art. As I was holding it in my hands there was no doubt that this was going to be a precise and stiff fork. I was not disappointed at all. The fork lived up to all of my expectations and then some. this part was literally the section that guided my crossed eyed body through the pain fest campaign of the cross crusade. It remained true and guided me as the north star even as I was Turing myself inside out.

We Didn't Like

This first one is just a wish as this is a top tier frame set. We would like the frame to have internal cable routing. Its been more than a few years since the first carbon fiber frame set was produced. We think carbon technology has evolved enough to have this feature in just about every frame including cyclocross frame sets. There are a couple of reasons. The first is all of the cables will be out of the way. The second is that they will be protected from the elements. Gone will be the day that mud and grass are hanging from your cables like yesterdays laundry. The third reason is that this will eliminate the need for a pulley on the back of the down tube.

We noticed that there was also no barrel adjuster on the rear hanger. This was another small part that we had to go get. We do acknowledge that some brakes have their own barrel adjuster on them now. But not all do.

The frame set came with a headset but it did not come with a cable hanger for the front brake. We had to go and get one. Please include one, thank you!


Because we got the Trigon as a frame set all of the up grades are basicly what we wanted changed on the frame. Internal cable routing, barrel adjuster and a front brake cable hanger.

The Final Say

Looking for a top tier frame set that will give you world class performance then this frame is worth a good long look. However, you will have to supply the motor to make it go. If you have the motor this this frame set is certainly up to task of giving you everything you want out of a cross bike. I have not see anything like it in 2010and I am sure that there will be many companies that will be taking notes from this frame set. Trigon has sent a strong message to the cyclocross community with this frame set.. Its light, fast and strong. The only thing is will the consumer be willing to pony up the $2,500 price tag that this frame carries.

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