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Redline Conquest 20

Review: Redline Conquest 20

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Right Out of the Box

First Impressions

Our first impression of the Redline's Conquest 20 is wow! This is a small and light cyclocross bike! We were curious as why it came with mountain bike bars and not a small drop bar. But if you think about how small kid's hands are and whats avaiable that will work with small hands it makes sence.The bike is pretty cool in that everything is scaled down for the little ones. The blue paint job was great. The blue was really bright and will no doubt be a favorite of the kids. But then again Blue is my favorite color. The bike has a sharp and clean appearance that makes it look like a smaller version a pros bike.

Ease of Assembly

The bike came 90% assembled and so if you are a dad and if you have to assemble it dont worry as you will only need a few tools.

Bling Factor

The bike does have some bling to it. The paint job is first rate and will make any owner proud to be riding around on it.

Dirt Test Ride


Ok, so obviously at 6'3" tall I can't test ride this bike. But we did get a excited volunteer to take it out and turn the screws on it. The problem is that when we asked how it rode they said "great!" "It was fast!" and then I asked did you liked the way it cornered and I got a "unhun" (translation yes) so after a few of these I realized that was about all I was going to get. Then I went to ask him one last question and he had taken off on it and was doing some more laps. So I figured that answered my question...

We Liked

There are a lot of things to like about this bike. First, all the happiness that your son or daughter will get by having a real race bike and not something that came from one of the big box stores that weighs as much as the anchor off the USS Enterprise. Now they can go and race just like mom and dad on Sunday! A happy family means good training for all of the kids (Everyone) big & small of the house hold. This also means that training and racing is a family affair and that also means that everyone is supporting each other.

The Conquest 20 is packed with features that was well thought out. The biggest feature is that the bike is totally upgradeable! The Conquest 20 was made so that if you have some old parts in the garage that no one wants you can put them on this bike and increase the performance of the bike. You can put your old Shimano 105 deraileur on there. Got an older Kalloy seat post or stem? What about an older shimano square taper crank? Yep! That's right it will work. How can this be you ask? Well, the wheels are small enough that you use a normal size road cranks and cassette and it gives the proper gearing for a budding Sven Nys or Jeremy Powers.

The third thing that we really like about this bike is the BMX wheels and parts that you can put on this bike from Redline. Redline has a slew of BMX tires, bmx wheels and forks you can get to replace or upgrade the bike with. BMX? what are you talking about Scott! This is cyclocross not BMX! Your right! But the BMX tires are skinny knobbies! So they look like really small cyclocross tires. Carbon fork for your 8 year old? Yep you can put one of those on there as well. But check your NGB for rules on kids and carbon fiber. At the time of this articles writing USAC had put on the voting ballot to ban carbon from jr racing.

Lastly is that this bike would be easy to sell again. Once your kid out grows the Redline conquest 20 you can resell it to some one else that has kids to race cross. After all its a bike and the fit is the most important thing right? The kids just want to be just like us and race on a real race bike. I say let them race! More Cow bell!

We Didn't Like

Redline Bicycles why didn't you think of this bike sooner?

We would like to see just a little better price point on this bike. I think that you should offer this bike in a few colors other than blue. I'm thinking red, white and also pink. Make the pink bike a special edition for Breast cancer!


Upgrades? OMG the kids won't care about upgrades but we all know how competitive mom and dad are. So don't despair Mom and Dad. You can upgrade almost everything on this bike. Did you know that they make tubular BMX tires and wheels? Yep that's right... The list is actually shorter on what you cant upgrade on this bike. You can even take the fork off and put a carbon one on there. Got some old Dura Ace square taper cranks? How about a D/A rear or front deraileur? Yep those will work on this. You could go crazy on this thing. But at that age I say its just fine the way it is. Maybe a couple of bike stickers for that sponsored team bike look.

The Final Say

Do you have a little one that has been racing in the local cyclocross scene? Or they want to race just like mom or dad? I know its cute to see them pick up a 40 lb little mountain bike from Walmart and drag it over the barriers. I would like you to think about the equiliivant of that for a adult. So If the kid weighs in at 55 lbs and the bike is 38lbs that means its like 70% of their body weight. Im 175lbs and I sure dont want to race on a 120 lb bike! Sure they are tired after that and it makes them tough. But I say they have suffered enough! This a awesome bike that has lots of features just like the big boys bike. Get them a bike that you know that they will love and ride. Am I missing something here or Isn't that the idea? Get them riding and racing young, teach them well and they will grow up to be great people. Great job Redline! Tim next time don't wait so long to have your next great idea!

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