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Colnago Prestige Disc 13

Review: Colnago Prestige Disc 13

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Right Out of the Box


This is mainly a follow up from last year as we got to review the Colnago 2012 Prestige that was the Canti version. We loved that bike and at that time you could also get that frame set in the disc version as well. This year Colnago sent us the Disc version to try out. We thought the timing was good for this as the component market is catching up with the demand that is out there. So we took most of the group off of the Canti Prestige and transferred it over to the Prestige Disc version. We did change some of the stuff like the brakes, We also had to get new wheels as the old Shimano ones were Canti only. Because at the time (PreSeason) Shimano had not come out/released their road disc brakes or wheels we went with the TRP HyRd and got some hoops from Reynolds.

So right out of the box! If you remember last year I got a black Colnago and this year they sent me the white with black with the world champ stripes on it. Again I was hoping for a all white bike. But again I am not disappointed at all. Yes I have learned my lesson. I now know that if its a Colnago that they put just as much time and effort into the paint as they do the construction of the frame itself. I felt a lot of presser to race on this one though. Showing up on the bike that looks almost like your the current World Cyclocross Champ, Which is kind ofballsy. But none the less, its a beautiful bike and I could hardly wait to get it together.

Road Test Ride


So as you know we tested a Colnago Prestige last year. And the only difference in the two frame sets are last year the frame was canti only and this year the bike is Disc only. Colnago is committed to Disc cyclocross bikes to the point that they don't make a canti cross bike any more. So the bike handles the same climbs the same corners the same. Except for the difference with the brakes. Right now we are in the young years for disc brakes for cross and road bikes. However I do believe that they are here to stay and the technology will soon catch up. So right now the bike is a little heaver than the canti version. the Hyroad TRP brakes are great for stopping poer and modulation and that also means no brake chatter on the road either. Actually the TRP brakes feel like regular road brakes only more powerful.

On the last Tuesday night PIR they give you a $5 discount for riding your cross bike. For those of you not from Portlandia, PIR is a weekly training race seriesthat happens all summer long. Its a 2 mile circuit on a race course so the pavement is smooth and pristine! Any way we put some road tires on it and roller it out there to mix it up on the road with all of my closest friends. The bike was great, however getting married and going on a honeymoon did not help the engine at all. I did end up 12 in the field sprint but I could not manage a breakaway. The motor just did not have the horses to get away. So bottom line the bike is great on the road and you will only be limited by the engine.

Dirt Test Ride


This bike is at home on the dirt. We have a place close to us and so its only a 20 min warm up ride to Powell Bute park off the bike path. The reason we like this place because it offers us a variety of terrain to try the bike out in. It has single track, double track, hairpin descents, and fire roads to open up on. i could just go on about this platform but I would be repeating myself from the review that I did on the canti version. The only difference is the weight. The disc version weighs a little more and so its just slightly heavier.

This bike does it all. And it does it at the highest level. There is no problems with it being overly twitchy in the tight single track. The bottom bracket has just enough drop in it so its stable in the hair pins and the tight stuff. But turn it loose on the fire roads and turn that 46 chain ring up and when it will roll like nothing else. The Prestige cruses at speed like a limousine on the sunset strip. When you hit gravel or loose rocks at speed the Prestige just skims across the top. And that situation that use to be Oh I'm going to lose control of the bike and crash is now a very manageable situation that is Oh that was fun!

Race Test Ride


To race this bike is pure joy and humility. I quickly realized that its more bike than engine just like the canti version. There is really nothing I can say bad about the bike. Its a lot of fun to race on and I was holding the bike back not the other way around. I'm sure that if the bike had its own column to write I don't think it would be so nice about me.

We Liked

Ok so we are going to list out all of the things that we like and love about this bike.
  • Its a Colnago!
  • Great paint, no Awesome paint.
  • Low Bottom bracket drop
  • Steady smooth handeling
  • Light for a carbon disc frame set.
  • You can go mechanical or elctronic shifting on it.
  • Stiff in all of the right places

We Didn't Like

I would like to see some kind of metal chain protector on the chain stay. the frame is set up to take mechanical or electronic shifing and so I would like to see a set of plugs with the frame once you choose which one you go with.


Can't upgrade the frame set only the engine... I know the bike was wanting that.

The Final Say

So are you looking for the best cyclocross machine out there. Well, the Prestige in my opinion is it. Other are getting close because they are buying aColnago and are making their frames very very close to them. In recent years I have seen bottom bracket drops on a bunch of bikes come down to just about the same as the Prestige. Now I'm sure that the Prestige frame sets will get lighter and the disc brake technology is getting there as well. So I don't think that it will be too long before you see disc bikes weights come down. So the other thing is that back in the day a Colnago might have been so expensive that I could not even think about getting one. However, The prices of the frames have not gone up that much and other frame makers are getting more and more expensive to the point that they are just as if not more expensive that a Colnago. For $3500 you can own a legend or you can spend that much for a frame set that was probably made in China in an open mold that has only be making frames for a few years. Colnago have been around for over 50 years making bicycles and have a really good history in winning in cyclocross. Bravo Colnago!

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