Welcome to the new Cross Bike Review!

What We Do

So what services do we provide? Great question!

We provide a platform for standard expert evaluation and feedback of cyclocross bikes and equipment for consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

So what does that mean?

Standardized Testing

Each cyclocross bike is evaluated by the same rider, utilizing the same test courses and put through a series of standardized tests on the road and trails. This ensures a consistent and systematic evaluation process. So you know exactly who is evaluating the bike and how it is being tested. The final review contains a product score, utilizing a scale of 1-5 cowbells, with 5 being the highest an item can receive.

Expert Evaluation

We have an expert ride the bike. Yeah so what? Every editor and magazine reporter claims they are one too! Well, you would be right about that as well. But our expert is Scott Mares, author of the latest cyclocross book on the market, The Complete Book of Cyclocross, Skill Training and Racing. If you are going to have someone review your cyclocross bike, shouldn't it be an expert? Like the guy that wrote the book on it?

Stock Products

We solely test stock products, as they are, right out of the box or retail packaging. The bike that we evaluate is the same one that rolls off the showroom floor and is available at your local retailer. Our process is the same for clothing and equipment as well. 


After the evaluation is complete, we post the review on our web site. Yeah so what? That's what they all do! And you would be 100% correct. Posting on the web site is virtually the only thing we have in common with everyone else. But we don't stop there! We send the review out in a monthly newsletter to all of the bike shops in the USA. Bike shops will see the reviews and know if it's a bike or product that they want on their showroom floors.

Additionally, we share our review with other cycling electronic media and invite them to use it in their publications. Our reviews are also Twittered and blogged, with readers following us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

While we are evaluating the product we are in communications with the manufacturers, providing valuable feedback and recommendations on how the item could be improved.


So what do we do differently? In a nutshell:

  • Have an expert ride the bike
  • Put the bikes through a standardized evaluation process
  • Send the reviews out to all of the bike shops in the USA
  • Send the review out to all cycling media
  • Twitter and blog the review
  • Cowbell scoring system (1-5) that easily identifies overall score
  • Give feedback to the manufacturer and make recommendations