Welcome to the new Cross Bike Review!



So how do we score? We have a system of cowbells! The scale is 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score that an item can receive.

What do we call it? Easy... The most prestigious races are called World Cups. A score of 5 cowbells earns the World Cup while 1 cowbell is awarded the Paper Cup. 

Paper Cup

The Paper Cup score designates that the product was poorly made, sized or designed. Either the product didn't match the description in specifications, or it just was a bad product. For example, a jersey that is cut poorly, is unfinished, with unraveling, seams, zipper malfunctions, and poor sublimation. 

Plastic Cup

An item that receives the Plastic Cup rating barely meets the standards in fit, color, performance etc. The item functions properly but suffers from a few flaws.

Tin Cup

Tin Cups are awarded to bikes and products that you can race at your local race with. In general, these are well-made items that will perform like they are supposed to without requiring a second mortgage to buy.

Super Cup

Super Cups are bestowed upon items that perform at a national level. To reach this level, the item in question must be high performance, meaning that it is lightweight, strong, durable, and works exceptionally well. This item can be raced or used at the national level and not be at risk for failure.

World Cup

Items with the distinction of World Cup are simply World Class. This is the highest score you can get in materials, design, manufacturing, fit, form and function. No compromises have been made in the construction of a World Cup recipient. The item is lightweight, durable, and strong.

For clothing:

  • well constructed garments
  • excellent fit
  • high quality materials
  • feels like a natural extension of the body

For gear:

  • the item is well constructed and can handle multiple seasons of abuse
  • the product does what it was intended for and then some
  • design achieves all the goals

For bikes:

  • seamless welds
  • good design
  • construction