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Wenger Battalion Field Chrono watch

Review: Wenger Battalion Field Chrono watch

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We Liked

I have a thing for watches and I have wanted to get one of these watches for a long time and it was worth the wait. The Battalion Field Chrono comes in a size that is not over obnoxious large but not too small either. As the girl with the golden locks would say "Just Right". The watch comes in a few different color combinations. Our BFC (Battalion Field Chrono) is the black face with the red trim. You can get the watch with either a black face with red or blue trim or a white face with red trim. The white face with red trim comes with a handsome leather strap while the others comes with a rather robust rubber strap that I found nothing short of excellent. With my active lifestyle I am always in the gym, out in the sun, in the mud and rain so I need a watch band that will hold up to my sweat and the elements that I'm in.

We Didn't Like

I have a thing for Chronographs and I'm use the bezel moving on them. The BFC bezel does not move so that was a little disappointing but its not like other bezels. The bezel is graduated with numbers so that you can calculate just how fast you are going. So that is really just a different way of doing things.

Next, I was a little more disappointed to find out that the illuminant arms are not that bright at night. I had trouble seeing them and my night vision is pretty good to excellent. So I would say please make this watch easier to read at night. So use a more powerful luminescent on the hands or make the surface area bigger for the Luminescent.

The Final Say

Wenger has been making watches and knives for a while now and it show in the Battalion Field Chronograph. This is a handsome watch and comes in a variety of colors with a few strap options. This allows the watch to go from work out to out on the town. The solid steel construction means that this watch will last and then you can hand it down to that little cx racer when he is big enough. Eventhough the different bezel did not really detract from the score of the watch the weak luminescent hands did. If this is not a big deal for you then your ok. But if your up early, out camping or if you look at your watch in bed at night then you might want to consider other options. Other than that nice watch Wenger!

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