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Wahoo Fitness PROTKT

Review: Wahoo Fitness PROTKT

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We Liked

  • Protection for your iPhone 5 5/S in all kinds of real world conditions.
  • Solid secure mount to bars or stem
  • Top loading to easily insert or remove iPhone

The Wahoo Fitness PROTKT is about serious protection for your iPhone 5 or 5S so you can use it as a full featured cycling computer with a large colored touch screen. Simply install the very secure four prong mount to your bars of stem with the supplies heavy duty rubber bands or zip ties. Open the top loading cover on the PROTKT, the iPhone slides right in close the cover and mount the PROTKT it and go for a ride. I have used the Wahoo Fitness PROTKT on all kinds of rides from a mild road ride to wild DH runs and my iPhone was fully protected at all times and never once to the PROTKT come loose from the mount. The larger display the iPhone offers is great for those like myself with poor vision up close. Since I can read the information more easily I can keep my eyes on the road or trail so a significant safety factor over a smaller screen device at the expense of a little more bulk and weight. To really get the most out of the PROTKT use with the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR and Blue SC.

We Didn't Like

The size of the case being a fare amount larger than a standard iPhone case but this is something you are not going to get around to offer the amount of protection and being waterproof. Want a smaller display and still use the power of your iPhone 5 or 5S check out the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT

Second has nothing to do with the Wahoo PROTKT that being the battery life when the GPS, data running the best I was getting is two and half hours this is a substantial improvement over the Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack that needs to use a ANT+ receiver. For the PROTKT I would like to have a port with a plug like there is for the audio jack for the lightning connector to attach an external power source for longer rides.

The Final Say

At 69.99 the Wahoo Fitness PROTKT case offers protection for the most rugged conditions, mild to wild. Your iPhone 5 5/S is fully protected from all kinds of weather and in the event of an accident your iPhone will remain undamaged. The PROTKT is easy to install on handlebars or stem. Easy to insert and remove your iPhone. View the information you want in a clear large display on your iPhone. The data you choose to view is customizable get as little or as much as you what, depending on the ap you choose from the 100’s available. The ap that I found to be the best value and useful is the Wahoo Fitness ap that is free for download. The Wahoo Fitness PROTKT along with the Wahoo FitnessBlue SCand Blue HRare the simplest way to turn your iPhone into a full-featured cycling computer.

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