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Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

Review: Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor

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We Liked

That the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC's transforms your iPhone into a powerful cycling computer to complement the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

  • Easy installation
  • Accurate
  • Logs milage on its own.

In the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR reviewI made a strong prediction that “the future is sensor devices that work seamlessly with your cell phone and compatible apps”. The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is just that seamless integration with the device phone and bike without any extra dongles or adapters.

The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC installs just like most other cadence and speed sensors with 2 zip ties and a spoke magnet so nothing really new on that front, accuracy right on even a bit better than the ANT+ one I was testing side by side with mainly because the Bluetooth reads at a slightly faster rate than the ANT+.

One interesting feature is the odometer functionality. As Wahoo Fitness says “The Blue SC's exciting new odometer functionality tracks the lifetime distance of your bicycle and stores the data in the device. Whether you ride with or without your iPhone, as long as you have your Blue SC you will always know the total mileage of your bike. Using the free Wahoo Fitness Odometer App, you can sync all your data once in range of your iOS device and see the lifetime mileage of your bike by week, month and year.”

We Didn't Like

Nothing at all the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC works perfectly.

The Final Say

The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC (speed & cadence) sensor is the perfect complement to the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR to transform your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible phone into a powerful cycling computer. With ease of installation, look mom no wires. Long battery life thanks to BT 4.0 low energy consumption it will outlast even the strongest most fit rider. Compatibility with 100’s of aps that use the Wahoo open API there is something for every type of cyclist. Ease of sharing your workout with real metrics to hard core training sites and social sites right from your phone no need to connect to a computer. Five count em 1, 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 cowbells for Wahoo Fitness Blue SC.

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