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Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack

Review: Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack

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We Liked

The large customizable screen and choice of literally hundreds of apps to suit your taste and super tough case are the Wahoo Fitness Bike Packs greatest strengths. The question is with all the really good stand alone bicycle computers that are ANT+, and some emerging Bluetooth LE computers that track route via GPS, Power, HR and cadence does it make sense to use your expensive iPhone as a bike computer? There pluses and minuses to both type of device with most of the stand alone they are small and have relatively tiny screens offer little in actual customization for he users individual needs or desires. Depending on the ap you choose to use with the Wahoo Bike Pack, you can upload directly to simple social media type sites for fitness with very limited analysis tools or high end detailed performance based web applications like Training Peaks. I chose to use the free Wahoo Fitness ap I got all the information I needed in a large color display, that I was able to upload to my Training Peaks account for detailed analysis. In my opinion is the best ap out there for what I am looking for. Installing the iPhone in the case is simple enough my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter showed me how she even figured out the different rubber liners between a iPhone 3 and a 4S. Installing the cadence/speed sensor is just any other in fact I was able to use another other ANT+ unit I already had on one bike that is a plus. Installing the ap to the iPhone is simple as well I download to my itunes/apple account and the next time I synced my phone. Next is pairing to power meter, HR transceiver and cadence and speed sensors all were completed in short order and the whole system is ready to use. A pluse with the system is that any combination of ANT+ or Bluetooth devices can be paired and used at the same time.

Were I like to use this ap is when I am conducting lactate testing either lab or field I do not have to continually look over there riders shoulder or ask them were they are at and I can read the large display that is 2.5X larger than a Garmin 305 or 500 even when I forget to put back on my ready glasses. I particularly like using it while on the trainer or rollers, I can have music playing from iTunes or steaming online. I do not recommend anyone to listen to music while riding outside, the ride should be entertainment enough and you need to be aware of your surroundings you can not do this with those ear buds in.

Would I use in a race? With the large screen I might actually be able to read it with mud in my eyes when already cross-eyed from going so hard.

The case offers a good deal of protection for your iPhone as well I used it on my MTB and did have a get off the mount held the case securely in place. To be sure the case would protect the phone well I did my toss it in to the rocks test with the phone and ap running I tossed it in the air about ten feet high into a rock garden 15 feet away, after a few bounces I picked it up there where a few nicks to the case but everything functions as before.

We Didn't Like

Like I said there are pluses and minuses. Foremost is the size of the case being 3X larger than the before mentioned devices but this is something you are not going to get around to offer the amount of protection and to house the ANT+ receiver. Second has nothing to do with the Wahoo Bike Pack that is the battery life when the GPS, data running the best I was getting is 90mins but that can be extended with the Extended Battery but will add some heft to the package.

The Final Say

At 129.99 the Wahoo Fitness Bike Pack is one of best cycling specific accessories that make the iPhone such a diverse and useful item to own. The case offers great protection for the iPhone in the event of an accident. The data you choose to view is customizable get as little or as much as you what, depending on the ap you choose from the 100’s available. The ap that I found to be the best value and useful is the Wahoo Fitness ap you may try others but you will always come back home to the wahoo ap. The bike pack is easy to set up a 2 ½ year old can do it. Easy to use easy to read the information you want in a clear large display on your iPhone.

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