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Vee Rubber X-C-X Tire

Review: Vee Rubber X-C-X Tire

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We Liked


Traction yet fast rolling on tarmac, hard pack to soft dirt

I have ridden a few od the Vee Rubber MTB tires and really liked the durability and traction in rough conditions, I don’t think I have ever flatted while using them. The C-X-C from Vee Rubber for cyclocross has nearly the same level of durability in a CX tire for everyday and training use. Traction is really good on hard pack to moderate loose soil conditions and relatively fast rolling on tarmac without noticeable tread squirm, due to the long center section and ramped knobs and 120 tpi casing construction. There is also decent amount of road feedback at typical pressures 32-55psi for a tire in this size and application, though recommended pressure range is 45-80psi. I fond the C-X-C works best in the dirt and grass at 40-45psi for my 150lbs and riding style. On the tarmac with occasional jaunts into grass and dirt typical for the commuter 60-70psi were the sweet spot. I the snow my favorite condition to ride down to 35 worked best. When really leaning the bike and pushing the tire to the limits of adhesion the C-X-C tracked true with zero fuss always predictable. In the 33mm size the Vee Rubber C-X-C claimed weight of 390g +- 20g the pair I received tipped the scale as 402g each.

We Didn't Like

Not good in any kind of mud: I road the C-X-C on every conceivable terrain were they shine on hard to moderate dirt conditions, neutral on grass they absolutely are not intended for any kind of mud how ever so slight. Mud sticks to the C-X-C like peanut butter to the top of a cats mouth though not nearly as entertaining the later is it is not the case with the Vee Rubber C-X-C

Heavy not suited for racing unless on an extremely rough and rocky course: At 402g even for a 120tpi casing and folding bead still is one of the heaviest CX tires I have ever used in the 35C and under size. The weight is evident when accelerating and climbing not a concern so much for training and commuting but for racing could make a difference. For racing I would choose the C-X-C is the course was dry as a bone and rough.

The Final Say

Vee Rubber makes some seriously tough and rugged tires, the C-X-C is no exception. While the C-X-C may be too heavy at 390g for most race situations over many other tires, when the conditions are rough and most others tires will experence sidewall tears and punctures the Vee Rubber C-X-C will keep on rolling,

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