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Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Review: Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

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We Liked

This rereview is on the Ultimate Bicycle cleaning kit by Muc-Off and it’s made as a package so you don’t have to go shopping and have to piece meal your kit together. It's made so you don't forget anything that you need to keep your bike looking and running like a pro’s bike. So lets me break it down for you.

  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: I think the chemist at Muc-Off must have stepped up a bit on this cleaner because I had some earlier and it was ok but the stuff I got in this box does a really good job. In part I think to the sprayer because when it sprays it foams. This helps out alot.
  • Bio Drivetrain Cleaner: OMG I love this stuff! I get hit with all of the time to review cleansers and washes and 90% of the time I'm not that impressed. To me the gold standard is the Morgan Blue stuff. But it’s Highly Toxic and Flammable. The Muc-Off Bio-DT cleaner is very very effective at cleaning chains. Makes them look new. Im sold.
  • Assorted Muc-Off brushes & sponge: So with this you get 4 brushes and this is pretty good. One brush that I love in this kit is the two prong brush. This brush allow you to scrub both sides of something at the same time. I love using it on the chain and the chainrings.
  • Bike Protect: This has been relabeled and use to be their Bike Spray. Now it's called Bike Protect and it's an all in one, do all, everything spray. Has excellent water dispersing action. I have had this for a bit and I love it. Use it on the frame and all the metal parts (do not get it on the brake track or rotors or you won't have brakes). But it's awesome for the chain. Keeps the mud from sticking… Its the multi tool of the bunch.
  • Tool Box: Everything has a home and you get the house with this package!
  • Bio Wet Lube: Well it is cyclocross after all eh?
  • Premium Microfibre Cloth: After it’s all said and done you need to dry her off without scratching anything.

We Didn't Like

There are two things I would add to this kit. First I would like them to add a chain brush and then a chain keeper would make this kit totally pro.  

The Final Say

Lets face it cyclocross is a hard sport not only on the athlete and the support system but also the equipment as well. So extra care has to be taken to take care of your stuff. Otherwise it will fail you when you need it the most. For you to do that you need the right tools and that means three things. Brushes cleaners and lubes Oh My! These three things when used on a regular basis will not only keep your faithful steed looking pro but will also extend the life of it as well. Now you can go out and stare at the offerings on the shelf, get some small amounts of each, try them out then find your faves and then pick each one or you could save some time and just get the best stuff in a bundle out there and not have to worry about it. The guys at Muc-Off are on the same wavelength as me on this one and have put together a kit that will meet all of your needs. Its appropriately called the Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit. All of the stuff is awesome. Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch, the Bio Drive chain cleaner. I don’t say this often but it is one of the best that I have seen next to the Morgan Blue chain cleaner (kerosene + windex= Highly Toxic). The Nanotec cleaner works really well with the new foaming sprayer that it comes with. And last but not least the Bike Protect is pretty much off the hook for keeping the mud off your frame during a race and on all your drivetrain stuff during the dry season. With several brushes and a microfiber cloth plus some wet lube as the bike protect is your dry lube the kit is complete. So what about the cost/savings of getting a bundle? This bundle will save you about $25 if you were to go out and buy it all individually and then get a tool box from home depot. And the only thing that we don't like about it is does not have a chain brush. But after I wrote this I got on the phone with Muc-Off and the brush that I wanted just landed in the US and so my wish was granted. Nice Job!  

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