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TRP HyRd Disc Brakes

Review: TRP HyRd Disc Brakes

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We Liked

We all know by now that the bike manufacturers are going disc. Before we know it almost all of the cyclocross bikes out there will be disc. Right now we are in a transition time where the industry is trying to work out the "How" in the next steps in going disc. Sure the lower end bikes are the first to convert because only lower end mechanical disc were out there that were compatible with Shimano/SRAM or Campy. Its how to go "Hydrlic" that is the big question. TRP was the first to offer a solution to this problem. TRP offered the Parabox. The Paradox had the reservoir located separately and under the stem. This worked but was a little unsightly. Now, TRP offers the HyRd set up and its quite clever. Mechanical brakes are known for not having the modulation and power of their Hydraulic counterparts. Part of the problem is that in Mechanical disc calipers don't close evenly. Only one pad moves and so the braking is uneven. Hydraulic brake calipers close evenly from both sides. The HyRd (pronounced Hi Road) brakes are a simple solution to this problem and will most likely be the go to Hydraulic brake to the mid to upper end bikes that do not have the big brands new integrated system. The solution that TRP came up with was to put the reservoir at the caliper. So you have a cable actuated hydraulic brake system that is compatible with any shift/brake lever out there. Until we got these brakes we had no experience with disc brake set up at all let alone hydraulic brakes. The TRP HyRd are very easy to set up and takes about 10 min a wheel. Just watch the video that TRP has on their web site and you will be good to go. So what I have done here is set up a list of what I really liked about these brakes in the interest of time.

  • Simple to set up
  • Good progressive feel
  • 140 or 160 available
  • Comes with rotors
  • Reservoir is in the caliper

We Didn't Like

We wish you could have 180 rotors for road rides.

Can we get them in Red or blue?

One of the things that we are concerned about is if they are used on the road and brake fade. TRP uses mineral oil and because the reservoir is right there at the caliper, overheating is a real concern on the road. So the real question is where do they fail? A solution to this is cooling fins on the outside of the reservoir for heat dissipation.

The Final Say

Are you going disc? Well you should and if you have them on your mt bike you know what I'm talking about. I don't have a mt bike and I have not ridden disc brakes except for when I get to play at Out Door Demo in Bootleg Canyon at Interbike and I love them. I was lucky enough to score two sets for my A and B bike this year and I have been really happy with them. I have had lots of people that mountain bike come up and want to feel them and see if they feel like the mechanical brakes that are out there. When they do they all say the same thing and have the same expression on their faces. They are surprised and say "Hey those feel pretty good". "They don't feel digital!" "They feel pretty smooth." Set up was so simple I could not believe it. If you have never had hydraulic disc brakes before and are kinda intimidated like I was. Then this is the brake for you. Watch the video if you don't believe me. Attach the brakes, don't tighten. Put wheel in, grab brake and squeeze tight. While holding the brake lever tight, tighten the bolts that hold the HyRd to the frame. That's it! Anyway this is the brake set to get if you want hydraulics and you want it simple and you don't need to get all new group. Way to go TRP!

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Scott Hackett's picture
Scott Hackett
What about the clearance issues you had with the actuation arm on the rear with the 140 rotors?
posted 5 years ago
Scott Mares's picture
Scott Mares
hey Scott So that issue that I was having was because there was a kink in the cable and so that was causing the cable to drag and not allow the arm to go back all of the way into the open position. I think a heaver spring will fix that cable drag. I have a email into Lance at TRP about it and Im just waiting for a reply.
posted 5 years ago