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Tacx NEO

Review: Tacx NEO

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We Liked

With the season just right around the corner one of the things that you should be prepared for is the inevitable having to train indoors. Sure it's great outside and it doesn't get dark until like 9pm but we all know that the season is coming and we should have our pain caves set up. It all started with heart rate, then went to power and now its virtual training. Now all of the trainers have gone from being a wheel with a fan for resistance to fluid and magnetic controlled resistance. Tacx is committed to this new technology. Their trainer is a electric motor braking system that is one of the quietest we have tested. The brains of the Neo predicts and and adjust the resistance 1000 X a second. Thats pretty quick. The resistance is magnetic based. The ne uses 32 magnets around 30 coils. Now the Neo is a smart trainer and another interesting option is that you can plug it in like other smart trainers OR not and use it on its own. This means that you can use the Tacx neo just about anywhere. You can take it to the race and warm up with it. Or if you travel to races it stores up really nicely and then you can set it up right next to your car and warm up.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=93&v=yxlifKXyzLY https://tacx.com/product/neo-smart/

  • Very quiet: you only hear your bike’s drivetrain.
  • Easy to set up
  • Plug in/plug out
  • Universal cassette body. Very clever!
  • Lots of power! Up to 2500 W
  • Simulates down hill
  • Simulates Hills up to 25% slope
  • Simulates Cobbles too!
  • Very accurate
  • No need to calibrate no moving parts really
  • Uses 32 magnets with 30 coils
  • Compatible with 12 different programs  

We Didn't Like

I would really like this trainer to come with a case that it would be easily transported in. The Tracx Neo folds up great but when you pick it up you tend to jam your fingers into the cassette. And at 40+ lbs you need to pick it up and carry with both hands. Please make a case with a strap for easy transport..  

The Final Say

This is the best trainer so far! Why?   Ok, so a few years a go my coach was looking at my files and it turns out that I was either training too hard or way too easy. Having a smart trainer takes all those junk miles out of the way and makes all of your training very very effective and efficient. Hook the Tacx Neo up to Zwift or any one of 12 different types of virtual programs and do some of their workouts, perform a FTP test or even some kind of LT work that was uploaded by your coach. And you will change the way you think and feel about training indoors. It did for us. I use to think that 1 hr on the trainer was a mental marathon and I would do anything to avoid it. Now 1.5 and 2 hrs are not a problem for me mentally at all. We found the Tacx Neo trainer very very quiet and the controllable power makes it a winner in our books. We used it with zwift and starting doing their specific workouts and found out that the Tacx Neo was really really efficient in getting us ready for the cyclocross season. We use to hate getting on the trainer but with the Tacx Neo getting on the trainer is now easier and more efficient than ever.. Basically you can do more in less time.  

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