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SLK Wheel Set

Review: SLK Wheel Set

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We Liked

Artisan built by hand Tubeless-compatible carbon fiber rims Stainless steel bearings 24 straight-pull, double-butted spokes per wheel Compatible with cyclocross and gravel bikes Shimano or SRAM XD freehub  

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The Final Say

For cyclocross wheels are very important. They can make all of the difference in a race. Let's face it there is a lot of rolling resistance when you are in mud or sand. So having extra rotational weight can make all of the difference in the world. Even Though the FSA SLK wheels are not super light at 1500g for the set they are really fast. Its because most of the weight is in the hubs and so the rotational weight is very low. The rims are a wide carbon fiber and spin up and accelerate very very quickly. I got to test this out first hand in the pacific Northwest. The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association had its state cyclocross championships at Rainier High School. This race course is on a hill and so you are either climbing or descending. Normally i hate this course but today I had the FSA SLK wheels and I could definitely tell the difference when I had to accelerate or climb up the steep slopes at the school. So what's the final say? Do you want a set of semi aero race wheels that accelerate like a formula `1 race car but not have to spend $2,500 to get them then the FSA SLK wheels are your choice. For what they offer they are probably the best choice for cyclocross when it come to weight, features, price and performance.  

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