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Shimano C35 Tubular Wheels

Review: Shimano C35 Tubular Wheels

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We Liked

I want to say that I just didn't get these wheel. I got to race on them for most of the 2012 season. So I had plenty of rides and races on these wheels.

I got the box from Shimano and when I opened it up and pulled out the C35 tubular wheels I felt like it was Christmas when I was 12. My first impression was that these things are light! Weighing in at a very respectful 1339 g for the set. The C35 Tubular wheels are very competitive in the race wheel category. This weight does not put the C35's in to the featherweight category only to be used on smooth new pavement and restricting the riders weight to 140 lbs. Then I started looking with a little more of a critical eye at the C35 tubular. These wheel are almost pieces of art. The hubs on the C35wheels are highly polished and are shaped like an hour glass with a very straight center and cones on the ends. There is nothing like a buttery smooth hub that spins in your hand and keeps spinning on and on..

So how important are light wheels? Lets look at it from a more analytical side. Lets say you do a cross race and you race for an hour and you get 10 laps in. 6 min a lap sounds good. Now a typical crit has at least 4 corners right? Most have more but I have never raced a cx race with just 4 corners its usually like 8 or more. But lets keep it at 8. That's 8 accelerations out of a corner per lap times that (see where I'm going with this) is a total of 80 jumps assuming your get out of the saddle each time. Even if you only did for half the corners that still 40 jumps/ accelerations... Light wheels are a big deal here as its the rotational weight that important here.

We Didn't Like

Even thouhg the wheels are super nice the price tag on these is a little steep. But with a little hunting around you can find a pair for price that wont break the bank.

The Final Say

Light weight hoops are must when you are turning the screws in the mud. You don't want to go into the pain cave only to try and come out of it dragging out a boat anchor. You will spend a lot time and energy accelerating them out of corners. The 35 mm carbon rims are light and strong. The hubs are smooth as butter and roll with almost a magical since that the cyclocross gods are helping you along. These are one of my favorite wheels for cyclocross. However, they don't have my favorite price tag on them. But I can use them for road as well, so I can pull double duty with the ShimanoC35 carbon wheels. After the 2012 season we didn't have to true them at all. The hubs are still butter even after a very intense and muddy season here in the pacific NW. These are a great wheel set and if you can get a pair you will not be disappointed. You will be able to use them not only on your road bike but your cross bike as well.

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