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Russian Tea Warming Embrocation

Review: Russian Tea Warming Embrocation

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We Liked

So we got the package from Pete Smith at Mad Alchemy in the mail. We have heard nice things about them and we were very happy to get our hands on a container of one of their embrocations. We were sent the newest addition to their line, Russian Tea Warming Embrocation to do a review on. Now in my line of work I get to try lots of the embrocations for cyclocross. Luckily its still winter here in the great pacific northwest. So Sunday was suppose to be a nice day for a ride (50 and sun). I think that the key phrase here is "Suppose to be". Yeah that didn't happen. It was cloudy and cold and I think it warmed up to a balmy 44. But its my job, so I thought its the perfect time to try this stuff out. I took a minute to read the label for the directions on the application. This is one label that you should read AND Follow.

The Russian Tea Warming Embrocation comes in a medium size plastic jar. The embrocation has the consistency of a red clay paste that has an oily sheen to it. Well, good thing I recognized what that meant. It means its concentrated! After we put it on our legs we suited up and headed out for our 3 hr ride. Some of the embrocations that we have tried you needed to use a lot to feel them. Some we didn't feel them until about 2- 3 hours later. Not so here. 10-15 min we could feel the Russian Tea Warming Embrocation working. It felt like we had those little hand warmer packets all through out our tights, for the entire ride. As a matter of fact we were still feeling the embrocation after we went to bed that night ( yes I took a shower and used a wash cloth with soap on my legs). So much that we were kicking the covers off because we were too hot.

The Russian Tea Warming Embrocation has a nice aroma to it. Its not over powering at all. Its hard to describe unless you have experienced that type of tea before. One sent that we are picking up from the embrocation is clove. But as it turns out there are a few than just this one. Pete the Mad man behind the formulas told us that not only is there clove but there is also orange and cinnamon as well. The girlfriend likes the smell and that is a big plus when your getting ready in the house and you can smell the embrocation from any room in the place. The bad thing is that she wants to use it as well. Another thing I have to hide from her.

We Didn't Like

Nothing so far. But if we stumble upon something we will update the review.

The Final Say

So what do we think about the Russian Tea Warming Embrocation from Mad Alchemy? Not only does it work but it works really well. This stuff works better than any of the embrocations that we have tried so far. We recommend that you use this stuff sparingly as this stuff has not only some kick to it but it keeps on going and going and going. So much so that we started looking at the bottle to see if there were energizer batteries hidden somewhere in the cream. We recommend that you apply this stuff at LEAST 30 minutes before your race. This will be the one we put in our race bag when the mud starts to fly here for the cross crusade. Mad Alchemy I can tell you did your home work in chemistry class. A+ We can hardly wait to try the other ones as well.

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