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Quoleum Extra Hot Embrocation

Review: Quoleum Extra Hot Embrocation

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We Liked

Embrocations are awesome for cyclocross, and we absolutely love the stuff. Qoleum is manufactured in Belgium and who knows cyclocross better than the Belgians! Qoleum makes several levels of warm up creams starting with a Warm Embrocation for cool weather, a Hot Embrocation for cold and wet conditions, and finally the Extra Hot Embrocation for really cold & wet conditions (45 degrees or colder). When you apply an embrocation to the skin, it forms a vapor barrier between you and the elements. The Extra Hot embrocation works very well and is designed to be used in conjunction with the other Qoleum oils. As the product description states, this product is highly concentrated and is really powerful, so you should use it sparingly. To apply the Qoleum embrocation, simply load up some of the product onto your hands and massage into the muscles. Due to the natural ingredients of the product, your skin will soak it right up. No one like being cold, but the Qoleum Extra Hot Embrocation will keep you warm when you are charging through the elements on your way to victory. As part of my pre-race prep, my favorite place to put this product is on my lower back. Love that in a race!

We Didn't Like

We wish more shops carried the Qoleum product line as it's currently hard to find. Not all bike shops carry embrocations, and for those that do, you have to know where to look for it. Your best bet is to find a shop that is well-versed in cyclocross and offers a full range of cross products. Timing the application of the product was another issue. In our experience, we applied the Qoleum Extra Hot cream before our ride/race only to have it start working hard about forty minutes later. This delayed start can vary due to amount applied and individual sensitivity to the capsicum. But if you apply it just before you warm up, then again right before your start, you should be golden. As with all products, test the embrocation on a training ride before using it in race to gauge the appropriate strength needed.

The Final Say

If you race cyclocross, you need to have the Qoleum Extra Hot Embrocation in your race bag. Period. ** Editors note: Currently there are two manufacturers using the Qoleum name, Qoleum Sports Care in Belgium and Qoleum New Zealand, both claiming to be the original. CROSS BIKE REVIEW.com has made multiple requests over the course of 4 months for legal documentation to verify the authenticity of the original Qoleum manufacturer. At the time of this review, we have yet to receive any documentation from either party. The product reviewed here is from Qoleum Sports Care in Belgium.**

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