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We Liked

We love integrated bar and stem combinations. Why? They are beautiful to look at and they have a certain functionality about them. FSA makes one of the most aesthetic looking bar stem integration combination that we have seen. After getting the bar in it was not a disappointment at all. Its beautiful and will compel you to look and touch almost every inch of it. The Plasma Integrated compact bar is functional art. The only thing you need to be careful about is the fit. You can't adjust the bar or the stem. So when you order one don't measure twice do it three times. I'm glad we did and the fit was spot on. Here is a little list of the features that make this bar combo so awesome!

  • Flat top
  • Shallow drops
  • Super stiff
  • Super sexy
  • Very aero
  • Light weight

We Didn't Like

The price tag. Coming in at $659.00 makes this thing pricy when you compare it to a regular bar stem combination.

The Final Say

So what's the verdict on these bars? Personally I love them and if I had my way I would have them on all of my bikes. But this is how they are for cyclocross. One of the most surprising things that we found that we liked about them was that we really got into the shallow drop of the bar. When you need to go back and forth from the tops to the hoods to the drops there was not the big change that you normally feel when you makes the changes in your hand placement on the road or with other bars. The tops are amazing and feel very natural when you put your paws on them. Even better is the wide aero shape fits the curve of your hand. This only adds when you start pulling on the bars. As I was racing on the bars they felt very stiff and I could not help but notice that the aero shape of the bars was perfect to pull back on. On the aesthetics side the FSA Plasma bars really made my cross bike look tough and sexy. Lots of people commented on the bars and how they matched the bike. No one could resist touching the bars once they made a comment about them. So just be warned, if you get these bars you might run into some bike lust from your friends. So what's the drawback of the bars? At $659 they are kinda pricy and there is also no adjustment on them at all. If you can afford the bar and you don’t need to adjust the pitch of the bars then I would highly recommend that you get the plasma bars from FSA. Just make sure you get fitted and you know exactly the length and width that you need. Love these things.

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