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Planet X Disc Pro Carbon 50/50 Wheelset

Review: Planet X Disc Pro Carbon 50/50 Wheelset

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We Liked

So the cyclocross market is changing and this year all of a sudden everyone is making 2-3 cross bikes with disc brakes. But what happened was now there was all of these cyclocross bikes with disc brakes but no one was making disc race wheels to go with these new bikes. This sport is expensive enough for just a bike and then add to it race wheels and that will more than double the cost of the set up. So you spend $2,000 on a cyclocross bike and then when you get a set of nice race wheels you are looking at dropping another $1,000 to $2,000 for the wheels not to mention the tires ($200) and cassette ($100). Step in Planet X to the rescue! Planet X has these sweet 50mm carbon tubular wheels for cyclocross with disc hubs. Now the good news besides the price and the weight of these wheels is that you can use rim brakes on them. So even if you don't have disc brakes now you can use these wheels on your canti steed and then go to disc later. Pretty cool right? Well there is even a brighter side to that. Because these wheels can pull double duty for canti and Disc means that these wheels are strong! Strong wheels means that they will last a long time and can really stand up to the demands of cyclocross. The spoke count for the carbon hops is 24 front and back, just right. So below is a list of most of the high end cross wheels, their weights and prices so you can compare.

  • Zipp 303 firecrest 1250g $2300.00
  • Enve 45 1233g $2400.00
  • Maddfiber 1085g $3099.00
  • Easton EC90 sl 1250g $1999.00
  • Reynolds Assult 1551g $1749.00
  • Shimano C50 1415g $2799.00
  • Planet X Disc Pro Carbon 50/50 1500g $750

We Didn't Like

We wish that this wheel set was offered in a smaller rim profile. A smaller rim profile would be a little more adventitious for cross because you have to keep accelerating out of corners.

The Final Say

Are you a disc fan? I sure am after my race out at PIR. At PIR the mud was slick and deep all the way around the course. This is when I had the chance to ride a bike with canti brakes and the other one with disc brakes and what a difference it makes in control. There is no comparison in braking and control. So in this economy we have to make every penny count! This is a great way to upgrade your bike with out breaking the bank. Its also a way to get some cool race hoops that you can use on your current bike and then go to disc later. Sure there are lighter wheels out there but at 4 times the cost (At the time of this review the wheels were on sale for $599.99) for 300g less how can you not win by getting a set of these wheels. I tell people that of the magic 3, Strength, Weight and Price you can ONLY choose 2. Well looks like I am finally wrong. It seems in the case of the Planet X 50/50 wheels you can have your cake and eat it while having money left over to have espresso too! We are looking forward to what Planet X is going to bring out next for cross.

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