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The One Road Premium

Review: The One Road Premium

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We Liked

The One Road Premium helmet is nothing new, we knew about it from Bolle from last year. We took a closer look at it at Sea Otter this year and decided to give the helmet system a go. The thing that struck me about the helmet was how versatile it was. It’s a regular road helmet and it has sections that allow you to snap in covers that turn your helmet into a semi aero road helmet to a fully covered TT helmet. But wait there is more! You see with most helmets out there when you buy a helmet you get the helmet and a box and that’s it. If you are lucky you get a soft bag to put it in. That bag is only good for keeping it clean and won’t protect it. When you purchase this helmet you get the helmet in a box but you also get the cover sections, a visor, a winter liner and a rear helmet light. Here is the list of features of the helmet.

  • Very versatile
  • Lots of color options
  • Touch built in Rear LED light
  • Winter helmet liner
  • Sunglass garage  

We Didn't Like

Runs Small: We get lots of helmets and this brand runs small in our opinion. So I would recommend that you try one on first and make sure you try it also with the winter helmet liner as well. Little Warm: When I took it out on a romp around Mt. Tabor I didn’t feel the cool spring air over my shaved head and to me the helmet doesn't cool like it should.Hot to ride in, I don’t see this helmet as a summer option. We were puzzed why such a lightweight helmet would be so warm especially with so many vents. The reason turns out to be that even though the helmet has vent holes that all they are and they do not allow airflow. Inspection on the inside of the helmet reveals that there are no air channels for the air to move over your head.  

The Final Say

Today you have a lot of options when choosing a helmet for you. The One Road Premium helmet is a great option if you are looking for certain features. The Helmet certainly has the flexibility for the fall and winter with all of the accessories that come with it (covers, Liner, rear light etc.) However, If you live in a warmer climate or are only a fair weather rider it’s probably not the helmet for you. So the helmet shines in the winter and the wet spring but not the summer.  

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