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Novatec CXD Wheels (Clinchers)

Review: Novatec CXD Wheels (Clinchers)

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We Liked

  • Light Weight: Its not very common to find a set of CX Disc clinchers wheels that are in the sub 1500 gm catagory and this is one of those rare finds. Novatec makes this wheel in a clincher and a tubular and the clincher is just a little heavier than the tubular, just. The clincher version comes in at 1465 grams while the tubular slips in at a svelte 1425 grams. The difference is only 40 grams and at 20 grams per wheel i dare say that this clincher will give most tubulars a run for their money. And while we were out riding turning the screws we could tell that these wheels were light. The Novatec CXD wheels spun up rather quickly and sliced through the air with that all too familiar sound of an aero wheel that we all recognize. That beautiful sound is due to the 20/24 Sapim Laser Double Butted spoke count of the wheels.

  • Anti Bite Guard: So one thing that we have noticed with a lot of wheels that we owned is that after a while the cassette body is all gouged up from the cassette digging into it. This is not from the huge amount of power that we generate but that the cassette is steel and the body is a softer aluminum. Well apparently it has bugged they guys at Nova Tec as well. To solve this they have installed what they call a "Bite Guard" into the cassette body. A "Bite Guard" is a thin steel strip that is part of one of the cassette body spines. This is a pretty ingenious idea and it works very well in not allowing the cassette gouge out and destroy your cassette body.

  • Clincher/Tubeless and Tubular. The tubular rim is wider than the clincher so you will be able to corner better and get a better footprint. This will appeal to a lot of cyclocross racers that are running disc and looking for a light weight set of tubular wheels. The clincher is 21.3 wide and the tubular is 23.5 wide. The clincher is tubeless ready so if you are one of those guys that loves tubeless tires then this will really make you happy. The Novatec CXD wheels are also easy to service. The bearings are easily accessible and even if you cant find the size, which is highly doubtful, a quick search of the internet yielded a site that offers just about everything you need to rebuild the hubs here. The rear hub is universal to accept campy or Shimano/Sram cassette bodies easily. Its pretty easy to change out the cassette body from Shimano to Campy.

  • Price: So far these wheels shine in every category and we have been riding them for a bit and have no problems with them. In this day and age this sport is getting expensive and everything seems to be going up. At $739.99 these wheels are a bargain for what they do.

We Didn't Like

Wheels took a while to get...

The Final Say

Not a lot of people know who Novatec is unless your a wheel builder or manufacturer. Then you are familiar with who they are and the quality of their hubs. You may have been riding on Novatec hubs and not even have known it. So lets put it all together. These wheels are a winner on several fronts. Novatec has been around for a long time and has been making hubs for other companies so they know what they are doing. The serviceability is very good on these wheels and bearing are readily available plus with the "Anti Bite guard" on the cassette body your wheels will last longer than most of the competition out there. If you are looking for a light weight racing and training wheel set then this one just might be the one to get as its a sub 1500 gramsDisc clincher that is tubeless ready. And at $740.00 you will have enough money left over to get some really nice tires or cassette to go with them.

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