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Laser Bullet helmet

Review: Laser Bullet helmet

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We Liked

If you watched the wrld cx championships you would have noticed how well the belgiums were doing and you probbly noticed this helmet on alot of their riders.  

  • Fit is really good: One of the best fitting helmets that we have tested.
  • Aerodynamic balance between a full aero helmet and non aero helmet.
  • Easy to operate vent system: The aerodynamic vent system on the helmet operates on a sliding door type of deal. You slide it up to open it up and slide it down to close it.
  • Lots of Colors to choose from: There are 8 color combinations that you can choose from and I’m sure that one of them will match your team kit.
  • MIP options available: So in the last 7 years technology has come out to help protect cyclist in crashes. It’s a matter of when and now if you are going to go down.
  • Its warm: What? When do we like warm helmets? When it's winter and raining or the spring time when its still cold and wet. And it's usually windy in the winter and spring so there is a double benefit to wearing it in your local spring classics that you race in. 

We Didn't Like

  • Kinda warm: On a hot road race day this would not be my helmet of choice but then again I haven't found a aero road helmet that was as good as a regular helmet on a hot day.
  • Ventilation system could be more effective: So it looks cool that the vents slide up and open up the center column for air to flow in. However, those channels are not that efficient in getting air in and moving air through the system. The problem is not the shutters but the channel and the honeycomb slider. The channels are not that wide or deep and that wont allow much air to flow through. The honeycomb slider looks cool but on closer inspection it appears that when the structure is in the up position that the tiny walls of the honeycomb are almost perpendicular to the vents not allowing or deflecting hair from the channels.
  • No Rear Light: Lazer is known for its innovations on its helmets. It has even integrated rear lights on the backs of their helmets. There is no rear light nor is there any reflectivity on the back or side of the helmet.
  • Heaviest helmet we have tested so far at 315g.  

The Final Say

So you're looking for that helmet that is fast in the wind but not a TT helmet. We found that the Lazer Bullet helmet is a choice that you may want to consider. One of the things that I noticed right off the bat was how well it fit my head. We get a lot of helmets in and to have say that the Lazer Bullet fit so well was really noticeable to me. Second its a good looking helmet and even better is the construction of the helmet. You can tell right away that the construction is top notch.

We asked Chris at Lazer to explain how aerodynamic the Lazer Bullet really was and this was his answer. Using the long tail Wasp as a baseline, the Lazer Bullet helmet is 47 seconds slower over 40km at a speed of 45KpH. The Lazer Z1 helmet with Aeroshell is another 10 seconds slower, while the Z1 without Aeroshell is another 15 seconds slower on top of that for a whopping 72 seconds slower than a full on TT helmet and 25 seconds slower than the bullet. In summary: o Long tail Wasp baseline test helmet o Bullet (vent closed) 0:47 slower over 40Km at 45KpH than Long tail Wasp o Z1 w/Aeroshell 0:57 slower over 40Km at 45KpH than Long tail Wasp o Z1 w/o Aeroshell 1:12 slower over 40Km at 45KpH than Long tail Wasp Our testing shows that the aerodynamic performance of the Bullet helmet with vents open or closed was nearly identical at 45KpH (solo breakaway speeds). However, there aerodynamic performance of the Bullet increased at speeds over 50KpH (31mph) (group speeds) and over 60KpH (37mph)(sprinting speeds) with the vent closed as compared to the vent being open. The concept of the Bullet helmet was created with input from Pro Tour sprinters and it is at sprinting speed where the aero benefit of the Bullet really comes into play as compared to the Z1 helmet.

So who is this helmet for? The Lazer bullet helmet is for fast racing and group rides in the winter, spring and fall. It’s also for the hard men that sprint to the line. Want to jump into a TT and use your 40mm wheels and not have to buy or borrow a TT helmet? Then Laser Bullet is worth a serious look.

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