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Review: KT TAPE

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We Liked

We were skeptical when we first saw this tape as we had not been exposed to the concept of pain tape. The basic premise is that after you have injured an area of your body and it still has chronic pain, the pain is caused by the skin applying pressure and rubbing across the injured area as you move. By applying the KT Tape, the skin lifted from the muscle, allowing frictionless movement between the two. Fortunately everyone here at CROSS BIKE REVIEW.COM was injury went to a local gym and identified some candidates that met the criteria. After applying the tape to their injury site, we provided criteria. After applying the tape to their injury site, we provided the candidates with samples and collected their contact info to follow up with them a week later. We also individually educated them on how to apply the KT Tape and reviewed the instructions with them. KT Tape can be worn for up to five to seven days. It's sweat-proof and water resistant, which means that you can even bathe or go swimming with it. The tape is special and is widely available at major sporting good stores and other retailers. In fact, we even found it at Target! Because it's over the counter (OTC) and available at major retailers, this means that it's widely available as you don't need a prescription for it. Nicely done! After checking in with our test subjects, all of them were very surprised at how well the tape worked and that it did relieve pain to the injured area as advertised. If you are wondering where can you use the KT Tape on your body, the answer is just about anywhere. The KT Tape packaging lists nearly every joint in the body, which makes sense because that's where a lot of friction typically occurs. Whenever there is articulation, that usually means that there is painful friction, stretching and elongation between muscles, skin, and connective tissue.

We Didn't Like

Our only major complaint with the KT Tape is that the printed instructions accompanying the tape are rather vague on methods of application. To clarify what we mean, the tape itself has an anchor point and is applied with a variable stretch. During the application, this means that you will stretch the tape half way, all the way or not at all depending on the joint. But you have to review the printed instructions very closely to see this. We have learned at time of publishing this review, however, that the company had heard our recommendations and made the appropriate changes to the printed instructions to improve readability and comprehension.

The Final Say

Do you have a old injury that has healed on the outside but is still painful? Then KT Tape might be your drug-free option! KT Tape has a lot going for it: it looks cool, is inexpensive, it's effective, and widely available at major athletic department stores! We would have given it 5 cowbells, but the less than intuitive instructions were it's only downfall. Otherwise it's a great product!

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