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We Liked

FSA is no stranger to wheels. The have been offering wheels to consumer and professional racers for a while now. In cyclocross wheels are really important because you have to keep re accelerating them out of every corner and if you have 20 corners and you do 5 laps well that's a lot of accelerations! So a light wheel is a must. The other thing that is really important is "edging" or "cornering". You usually don't crash going straight. It usually happens in a corner or on a off camber hill. With that said wider is better! Don't think that because these wheels say 29" on them that they are only for mountain bikes. We saw these and it was love at first sight. However, What you see is not always what you get. But in this case there is no crazy ex girl/boy friend hiding in those carbon rims.

So what do we like about these magic hoops? Well lets start with the price tag. At $1,642 msrp you are going to be hard pressed to find another set of carbon tubeless clinchers in this weight range (1464g). Hand built! yep! These things are built by hand and not in some factory by robots.

Next these wheels are Ceramic! Ceramic bearings are expensive and unheard of in a wheel set that is under $1,650.00. Remember I said one of the important things is edging? Well wider is better in this case. The SLK Lite wheels are 21.5 mm inside wide and that is wider than most of the other wheels on the market for cyclocross. This also means you can run a higher volume at a lower pressure!

CARBON! How cool is it to have a wide carbon clincher that comes tubless compatible? When we got the wheel set we noticed that it comes with not only the standard through axle conversion kit but also a Stands Notube tape set with tubeless valves. Tape them up and run them with tubes or with out.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

looking for a fast wheel set that won't break the bank? Does it need to have wide rims? Be tubeless compatible? Have a low weight and ceramic bearings? Well then look no further. I know that the SLK Lite 29" wheel set is not the sexy deep dish rims but think about it. How fast are you really going? They really work when there is deep sand and mud. But even then they will hold mud and that's not very aerodynamic anyway. The SLK Lite 29" wheels are a semi aero rim to begin with and so they are not as deep as a 40 or a 30. But they are semi aero and they are light! Remember all of those corners? Every corner = acceleration and that can mean burning some matches. Especially, if there is 20 corners in a cross course. For the features and the money these are probably the best cyclocross wheels on the market.

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