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Hibros Depil Sport Spray Depilatory

Review: Hibros Depil Sport Spray Depilatory

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We Liked

As a cyclist, I love the feel of smooth, clean-shaven legs. But I am not a big fan of shaving, having have cut myself a multitude of times. Occasionally (and I am sure I am not alone here), I have even removed a divot or two of skin. In my quest for shaving alternatives, I tried Nair while I was racing in high school and boy did that stuff smell. To make matters worse, the product was really harsh on my skin. Fast forward two decades later and the depilatory products still smell but they have improved. Until recently, I have only seen cream depilatories on the market. Then I ran across the Hibros spray foam, which is manufactured in Italy, and wanted to check out the product. With my Nair experience still fresh in my mind, I took the lid off the can and cautiously tested the Depil Sport Spray. Just like mowing the lawn, with shaving you have to overlap each pass so you don’t miss anything. The same concept applies here: you need to overlap the spray or you will have to go for a second round to take care of any spots you missed. When using the Depil Sport Spray, I would recommend that you apply the product in the shower to deal with over spray, which can be very slippery. Use with caution! Because of the thick skin on my knees, I need to apply extra foam to that area so that the product can penetrate and do it's job. For folks that have really thick leg hair like I do, the Depil Sport Spray takes a little bit longer to work, but don't leave it on for more than 11 minutes. After several uses, I can say that the Hibros Depil Sport Spray works pretty well. The spray comes in a 6 oz. can, which is very convenient size for traveling. Just shake up the can, spray on, wipe off after 10 minutes, then rinse in the shower. That’s it. Having tested a wide variety of depilatories on the market, this is definitely the best so far. The added bonus is that I did not cut myself!

We Didn't Like

The Depil Sport Spray is labeled as unscented. While all depilatories have some level of odor (with Nair ranking at the top of the stinky scale) the Spray still has some odor, although not nearly as strong as Nair. Folks that are hypersensitive to strong scents should proceed with caution. While the 6 oz-sized can is a handy for travel or stuffing in the race bag, I was only able to get 5 applications out of the can. We would like to see the Depil Sport Spray packaged in a larger can.

The Final Say

If you hate razors or have a lot of problem areas, then the Hibros Depil Sport Spray is the stuff for you!

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