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Hibros Depil Sport Cream Depilatory

Review: Hibros Depil Sport Cream Depilatory

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We Liked

After our recent review of the Depil Sport Spray Depilatory, we set our sights on evaluating the cream version from Hibros. After testing, I'm happy to report that both Hibros depilatories have a low odor factor when compared to other depilatory products that I have tried. But the similarities end there as the cream depilatory is definitely the better of the two products. I was surprised how soft my legs were after using the cream, most likely due to the Chamomile extract, mineral oil, and Jojoba oil in this formula. The Depil Sport Cream will take the hair right off your legs AND leave them feeling really soft. It's a win-win! The application is a piece of cake: apply the cream and rinse off at 10 minutes. That's all there is to it. Similar to the spray depilatory, do not leave the cream on for more than 11 minutes. Compared to all the depilatories we have tested to date, the Hibros Depil Sport Cream is by far the best.

We Didn't Like

As a competitive cyclist, shaving is a necessary evil. While it can be kind of awkward to stand in the bathroom for 10 minutes in your birthday suit with cream all over your legs, make sure to bring some reading material to pass the time. As tempted as you may be to multi-task and walk around the house during this time, we highly recommend that you stay put as you will most likely transfer the product and inadvertently ruin furniture. As mentioned in the Depil Sport Spray review, individuals that have are extremely sensitive to scents should proceed with caution.

The Final Say

In the post 9/11 world where travelling with razors on a plane can be a challenge, the Hibros Depil Sport Cream is a great alternative. The cream really does an excellent job at removing hair while leaving your legs silky smooth.

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