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Helmet Fresh

Review: Helmet Fresh

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We Liked

Cool idea! All you have to do is shake the can up and spray the foam in the helmet! let it sit for a minute then take a dry towel and put it in your helmet and blot up the excess. We tried this with our helmet. It works pretty well we found out. I had not washed my helmet in a while and it needed it. After we did this we gave it the sniff test and we could not smell anything stinky. Our helmet had a light fresh citrus fragrance to it. Then we put it to the real test The Girlfriend test! Because we all know it must past this test. The Verdict was a big smile and 2 thumbs up and that was followed by "Heres my helmet, Thank You". So here is the quick run down on this item.

Its quick.

Its easy to use and it works.

Next we are going to use it on our shoes!

We Didn't Like

I would like to see the sprayer shoot a little finer foam mist and a little further otherwise you have to hold it close to the helmet and then rub the foam into areas that you missed.

The Final Say

The sport of cyclocross is a dirty sport to say the least. So keeping clean is a task if not a chore. And here in the Pacific Northwest it is just that a chore. If its the Alpenrose opener with cow patty pastures then its PIR with fields of goose poop. But this just is not here dirt contains a little more than terra firma. We get into a races and take a mud bath and then we have to take a bath/shower to get clean and that also means post race equipment clean up. Just because you rinse your helmet with the garden hose does not mean that your helmet is clean. It can still smell. This is where Muc off helmet cleaner comes into play. Its easy to use, its quick and it works. This might be the gift your team mates give you for Christmas if they can wait that long. Do you hate cleaning your helmet? Or do you just never clean your helmet? Then this is something you should get. Lets face it helmets cost a lot of money now a days and you need to take care of them. Looking pro can go right down the drain if you stink up the starting grid/car/house.

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