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Handspun Peloton Series Cross Disc Wheelset

Review: Handspun Peloton Series Cross Disc Wheelset

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We Liked

Whee! The value-packed Handspun Peloton Series Cross Disc Wheels make riding over bumps, gravel and all our local training routes a lot of fun on a bike that is designed for stiffness and speed. Our test mule, the Colnago World Cup 2.0 is a sporty but somewhat heavy bike. It is so stiff with its stock wheels that the World Cup 2.0 is virtually unusable for long bumpy training rides. But throw a set of these wheels made by Handspun, and the World Cup (or many other cross bikes or commuters with disc brakes) becomes a much more versatile bike.

I love the price and quality of these Handspun wheels. Less than $350 (not including shipping) gets you a versatile set of handmade, brand new wheels perfect for training, commuting, winter road training and so much more. Throw them in the pits for your spares or choose a racy file tread tire like the Specialized Trigger and go gravel road racing. Add a set of 25 or 27 mm slicks or rain tires for plush winter training.

I love the parts on this Handspun wheelset.The A23 rims by Velocity are a great go-to choice for durability and no-fuss reliability. The 23 mm width opens up a few more options for tire choices and training rides, though may not be legal for all cyclocross races. I love how the contact patch size increases for added traction. I was able to reduce my tire pressures, too. I railed down one of my favorite technical trails, clearing rocky drops, wet berms and a hairy switchback usually reserved for mountain bike use only. I had so much fun I forgot to stop to take a photo, and had to climb back up the trail for the shot!

SRAM has been making mountain bike hubs for years, and the venerable X-9 is smack dab in the middle of SRAM's hub lineup. You can pay more, but why, for a sturdy wheel set that you are going to abuse. After several multi-hour muddy, gritty and wet rides, I had no problems with bearings crunching or slop of any kind.

I love how easily I set these Handspun wheels up on the bike, and promptly forgot about them. Tires mounted easily and I didn't need to think about adjustments, truing, squeaks or rattles. I just rode. The wheels did everything they needed to, including climbing, descending and handling the bumps without hassle. While at first the wide rims made initiating turns a little slower than on a narrower rim, I got used to this pretty quickly. The worthwhile payoff is increased stability and traction, even with a less aggressive tire like the Kenda Happy Mediums.

We Didn't Like

This is a nitpick--and should be fully expected for the price point of this wheelset. And it may be irrelevant based on different riders' needs.

The only thing I wish was different about this Handspun Peloton Series wheel set is the weight. They are on the heavy side at a total of almost 4.5 pounds before rotors and cassette, but not so much that they are not fun to ride. For me, they are too heavy to be race wheels but I am an admitted weight weenie for my race bikes. You could customize this basic idea of a 2x disc ready wheel with the same Velocity A23 rims with lighter spokes and hubs, but you'd be paying a lot more!

The Final Say

Handspun hit the mark designing and building an affordable, reliable and fun wheelset. The Peloton Series Cross Disc wheels are an appropriate set for extending the use of your disc cross bike into a comfortable bike for training, commuting and winter riding. Train heavy, race light and put these wheels in the pits for emergencies.

The Peloton Series wheels are a very good choice when you want handmade wheels but you don't want to figure it all out on your own. Handspun did all the research for you. They built a sturdy wheel that you'll enjoy for a lot longer than you'll spend paying them off.

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