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Gun Wind

Review: Gun Wind

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We Liked

The Gun Wind helmet is made by the Italian motorcycle helmet company Suomy. The company owners have been in the motorcycle industry for a long time. Suomy was started in 1997. This is when they started making helmets in the motocross market. From there they progressed to super bikes and then in 2000 they were making helmets for other sports like fencing. In 2006 the company was into cycling and becoming very popular in Europe. Fast forward to 2017, Suomy is now distributed by ciclist America, the official distributor of SIDI. We wanted to review the Gun Wind because it’s the current helmet of the World Cyclocross Champion Wout Van Art. The Gun Wind is Suomy their top of the line helmet for road.

So enough of the background on Suomy Sport. Things that we like about this helmet. Uhmm.. Well, a lot of people make helmets and the market is getting more and more crowded. So one of the main things that separates this helmet from the heard is that you can get spare parts for it. You can get two different types of rain covers ( a short and a Long version), you can get extra padding with or without the bug screen. And if your adjuster breaks or your straps brakes you can replace that as well. To me this is a big plus because I think that cycling helmets are expensive and it doesn't make sense to me to have to discard a perfectly god helmet when one little plastic piece breaks. Nothing will kill a race faster than showing up and your helmet is broken. Another thing that I really like about this helmet is that it comes in a lot of color combinations. Do you have a team and want to match the helmet with the team colors. With 22 different color combinations this is not a problem.

So let's dive into the Technical features aspect of the helmet.

  • Helmet bag
  • In Mould Technology
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • Light weight 230g (M) -250g (L)
  • Anti bacteria fabric
  • Anti Smell inner pad
  • Inner pad is removable and washable
  • Bug net
  • Hypoallergenic Fabric
  • Biaxial Size adjuster
  • Aerodynamic ventilation
  • Interchangeable chin strap
  • Inner Composite skelton
  • Rain covers.

We Didn't Like


The Final Say

When picking a helmet for yourself it’s important to know who makes the helmet and how they stand behind the helmet. Suomy has been making motorcycle helmets so they have a really good understanding on what it takes to protect your head. In addition they are also making helmets for other sports besides cycling. The Gun Wind meets or exceeds the safety standards that is set by the US. So with regard to safety, Check. Next look at the features that the helmet offers. The Suomy Gun Wind helmet has a ton of features and options available that you can choose from to fit your riding needs. I really haven't seen a helmet that you can remove the strap and wash it or replace it. Also replacing the fitting system is another new one to me add on a 2 year warranty and 22 different color options and it’s a winner. Just like Wout.  

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