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Full Speed Ahead SL-K SB20 SBS Seatpost

Review: Full Speed Ahead SL-K SB20 SBS Seatpost

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We Liked

UD “unidirectional” finish looks great Saddle Security Strong with nice vibration dampening

Full Speed Ahead sent us a complete SL-K cockpit for Project Privateer Litespeed CX Ti Compact Handle Bar, a sweet looking and strong Stem and the SL-K SB20 SBS Seat post. SBS stands for side by side for the unique clamp design were 2 bolts securely hold the saddle rails, the SB20 is for setback of 20mm. This is the first time I have used a carbon seat post. I have always stayed away of them mainly because I have seen so many failures especially in CX races. The weight of a carbon post is not that much better than a trusted alloy and the cost was always not worth the small difference especially if it would break like I have seen so many times. I have used FSA carbon bars on many of my bikes and have only had one break and that was on a DH bike for 4 years that routinely takes 10-20 foot drops and has been crashed multiple times in rock gardens and such so I knew FSA’s carbon was tough so lets give the SL-K SB20 SBS Seatpost a go. First off one of the reasons I think the carbon post I have witnessed break wear most likely in part from over tightened seat clamps since the smooth finish on them gives little grip so I used Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip and torqued to spec with the Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II torque wrench.

The SL-K SB20 SBS Seat post looks great with the UD carbon finish on any bike. The SBS clamp holds the saddle very securely a must for CX once it was set it never moved. Even when I took the Project Privateer Litespeed CX to to do a bit of dirt jumping were the bike was tossed and tumbled a couple times, I never needed to readjust the saddle. On training rides and CX races the SL-K SB20 SBS carbon post woked very well with the Litespeed Ti frame, never had a jaring experince my bum is thankfull.

We Didn't Like

The only gripe I have about the SL-K SB20 SBS Seat post is the limited tilt adjustment range. I had it at the end of adjustemt and was just to far one less and it wasn't far enough to be truly best and comfortable position that would be right for me. Rather than having the large teeth arranged even to both ends, an off set with smaller teeth is in order.

The Final Say

SL-K SB20 SBS Seat post looks great in the UD carbon finish is reasonably light, offers nice vibration dampening for the roughest cross courses and has a uber secure side by side clamp that even the hardest remounts will not budge all at a price point the privateer can afford with performance a pro demands.

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