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Full Speed Ahead SL-K Light Compact BB386EVO Crankset

Review: Full Speed Ahead SL-K Light Compact BB386EVO Crankset

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We Liked

Frame BB Compatibility

Stiff Arms BB30 Spindle

Rings Shift Excellent

Light Weight

Great Looks

I have owned several Full Speed Ahead cranks from both the road FSA line and their Gravity line on many of my bikes. I have always found them well made and durable as testament have used a set of K-Force cranks for 8 years on a road bike with over 30,000 miles on them.

As part of Project Privateer Litespeed CX Ti FSA sent us their latest crank offering the SL-K Light BB386EVO, along with the SL-K Light Compact Handlebar, SL-K Light Stem and SL-K Light SB20 Seatpost. What makes the FSA SL-K Light 386EVO crank special is that with the appropriate bottom bracket will fit correctly on a BB386EVO, 68mm English, BB30 and Press Fit 30 all really slick.

Power transfer is immediate thanks to he massive extruded AL7050 BB30 spindle undoubtedly enhances the uber stiffness of the hollow unidirectional crank arms.

Shifting is really good I have yet to drop a chain when shifting down to the lower ring up shifts are crisp with super fast engagement. I do expect the AL7075 100% CNC machined chain rings to last a long time, my old road K-Force cranks still have the original chain rings on them and still shift great. The hype I hear about aftermarket rings I really do feel is overrated as I see no need to change from the supplied rings on these cranks. I do maintain my bikes very well by cleaning and lubricating the drive train often and changing the chain before it is worn out does increase the service life.

At 550g in a 175mm length without BB cups the SL-K Light BB386EVO is of the lightest cranks out there, and they are going to be durable as they are FSA.

The unidirectional carbon looks great the sculpted fat arms flow smoothly into the integrated spider. With just a splash of flash from the silver, red graphics and Storm Grey Anodized chainrings looks great on any bike especially so on the Litespeed CX Ti.

We Didn't Like

I can not think of a single thing.

The Final Say

The FSA SL-K Light 386EVO CX Cranks retail for $549.99 is a real bargain for a high end crank that boast stiffness, compatibility for multiple bottom bracket standards, looks great, is durable and is lightweight. Any cross racer would be well rewarded with these cranks mounted on their trusty CX steed.

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