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FMB Super Mud Tire

Review: FMB Super Mud Tire

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We Liked

Super suple:

Hand made

Open tread Design

Already water sealed

So we got the Super Muds mounted up and off we went to our favorite test track Powell Bute Park. We like to go there because it offers a variety of terrain and surfaces to play around in. A few weeks ago it had not rained and that park was really super dusty. It was almost like powder sugar out there and you would not want to be behind some one as you would be eating their dust the entire time. Fast forward to present day (October 27 th) and it has been raining for a few days now. So it was prime time for the FMB Super Muds. The forecast for the day was rain with a chance or rain. We rolled out and headed over there and we noticed right away that the tires were really supple on the road. I had 40 psi in them and for now that would be ok. But as we all know 40 psi is kind of firm even for a big guy like me (175). After the first lap was was really digging the tires and the course was really treacherous out there. There was exposed roots, oil like mud and pea gravel. Apparently they have been doing a lot of trail work out there.

Powell Bute Park has some mud in it and none of it was sticking to the tires. The open tread design was really letting the mud go. But it was not the sticky chocolate cake mud to be fair. There was some in the forest but it was not sticking either. The mud was sticking to my shins though and quickly I had a tan on my legs like I have been sitting on the beach in Hawaii.

I decided to let some air out of the tires after a fast decent. I had hit the off camber grade on a fire road and I hit the point where the mud and grass meet and out went my wheel and down I went. After taking a few minutes to bleed off some air form the tires I was back on the trail. I could tell right away that 35 psi was a much better pressure for the conditions. The lower tire pressure really allowed the tire to grip and on a off chamber 180 the tires really hooked up and I went through that corner like I was on rails. Yes I have a witness to this... I was out on this ride with my Buddy Scot and heading home he was asking me how I was able to go though that corner and another 180 so fast.

We Didn't Like

Not common

Not alot of shops sell them.

The Final Say

I live in the Pacific North West and we race in the mud a lot here. So much so that we really only glue up Mud tires and so Its very important that we get a good mud tire. I have the perfect environment to test out all of the mud tires that the manufacturers have to offer. When it starts to rain here it will not stop until next year in June. So we have a lot of rain and a lot of mud. When we go looking for a mud tire every one pretty much will look for the same thing. They look for a open tread design. However, there are a few other things that you need to look for. The FMB Super mud is an excellent tire for the Mud and is appropriately named as well. The things that set this tire apart from the others in the herd is its great deep open tread, close center tread to be fast on the pavement, deep tread on the edges for cornering, its superior suppleness. And finally the one thing that sets it apart from other high end tires in its class is that it is already sealed. This means that your tires will not get water in there and rot. Hence they will last longer. You don't have to get the water seal and go through the process to do that. Its already done for you. This may be the best mud cyclocross tubular on the market.

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