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Fast Forward Wheels

Review: Fast Forward Wheels

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We Liked

The Fast Forward wheels have nice little details that are really pretty important when you think about it. They are constructed of Super stiff High Tensile TC35 Carbon38 mm deep rim. The hoops are welded together. The brake surfaces have wear indicators built right in. This way you can tell when you have worn out your rims. Another really nice detail is that theFFWD decals are under the clear coat. This is just such a nice touch and we wish that more companies were doing this. Why? Well, we like to get dirty and that means that we have to take a bath after a hour in the muddy pain cave of our local cross crusade. And our bike gets a bath as well. With the decals under the clear coat the wheels look new after they are cleaned up. We like shiny new looking stuff!

The real majic of these wheels are the DT Swiss 240s hubs. DT Swiss makes some of the best hubs in my opinion. All you have to do is just get on a pair and roll around the block to feel the difference, And there is a difference.

For the wheels to be fast they can't catch a lot of wind. This meant having a low spoke count. But you don't want to sacrifice strength for the sake of aerodynamics. So Fast forward has a nice balance spoke count of 20/24 Bladed spokes. The spokes are thin blades that slice though the air like a light saber through tissue paper. With a semi low spoke count you can get the best of both worlds strong and aero. Not to hot not to cold, just right.

With the wheels you also get a trick wheel bag to store them in so they look new when you put them on your bike for race day.

The wheels comes with valve extenders! I love this as what a pain having a tube that is too short to air up! Attention, Attention wheel manufacturers! Please take note of this! If you don't do this, all that does is make your customers go on a extra trip hunting for valve extenders. I hate that. Thank you Fast forward for that nice touch. Bottom line, I can grab a tube, a tire and mount them and go have fun.

We Didn't Like

We weighed them on 2 different scales and could not come close to the claimed weight of 1635g. Both or our scales had them at exactly1695g

The Final Say

Choosing the right wheel for you is like choosing the right tool for the job at hand. Picking a hammer to undo a bolt will not yield you the results that you are looking for. So are these Fast Forward wheels climbing wheels? NO, but they would be a really good crit wheel. The DT Swiss 240 hubs are smooth as butter and makes riding the flats a real pleasure. So this wheel set should do very well in cyclocross. Its not too heavy with some extra smooth hubs makes it a great choice for a set of very fast training wheels or racing wheels.

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