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ENVE Composites 1.45 Tubular Wheel Set

Review: ENVE Composites 1.45 Tubular Wheel Set

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We Liked

That ENVE wheels and other parts (Forks, Stems, Seatposts and Handlebars) are designed and made in Ogden Utah, USA, see ENVE Composites History for the complete story. The actual weight of the wheel set that I received is less than the claimed weight. This is usually the other way around from my experience. My set tipped the scales at 1,110g for the 1.45 DT 240 20/24 and the claimed weight of the wheel set is 1,124g. The 1.45 is considered the ultra light version of the 45 Road Wheel. With out sacrificing strength and durability, the ENVE 1.45 wheels do not have a rider weight limit as some other super light carbon wheels do. I can attest to this strength and durability as I road these wheels on trails that I normally ride my 6” travel all mountain bike on. Those in the Denver area know of Dakota Ridge, Mount Falcon, Apex and Chimney Gulch trails, as it is quite common to see riders in full DH gear on any of these trails in addition to my backyard training ground Green Mountain that has many imbedded rocks of all sizes. I in no way took it easy while riding the ENVE 1.45 wheel set, I jumped rock piles, water bars, drilled it through imbedded rock sections finishing weekly Enduro torture tests with both front and rear wheels dead straight. I opted not to hit the dirt jumps at the Golden Bike Park due to high winds kicking up but will head on over there the next chance I get. The strength of the ENVE 1.45 and all other ENVE wheels is obviously due in part by the design of the patented process where they mold in the spoke holes. All other manufacturers drill the spoke holes, which weakens the surrounding area. For more about ENVE carbon wheel technology.

On the CX race course these wheels spin up ultra quick out of 180 corners or when attacking for a pass in the straights. The ENVE's quick spin up is surprising for a deep section wheel, this is due to the lightweight 295g full carbon hoops and are a breeze to keep at top speed with the combination of the aerodynamic 45mm deep rim, Sapim bladed spokes with 20 radial up front and 24 two-cross rear. I feel noticeably faster while hammering into the wind. With the light weight i found bunny hoping full height 40cm barriers also became a whole lot easier as well. The braking is just superb with the included ENVE carbon specific brake pads. I haven’t herd a single squeal while under hard braking in the wet or dry. The Colnago World Cup that I am presently riding lost nearly a kilo in weight with the addition of ENVE 1.45 wheels. These wheels have improved every element of the bikes performance. The stiff but light hoops allow me to feel the tires flex and grip much better, cornering is more precise, braking distances are less with brake feel just a good as a alloy rim, plus acceleration and deceleration feels almost instantaneous when riding on the the ENVE 1.45 wheel set.

We Didn't Like

Even though the ENVE 1.45 is a strong, tough wheel set, I would like exposed nipples in the event of having to true them. This would be a very rare occurrence if it were to happen. A wheel set this good deserves a killer set of wheel bags.

The Final Say

When your in the market for a high end CX race wheel set, that you will not have to worry about durability and will perform in all conditions, then in the summer use for road races, crits, and hill climbs, the ENVE 45 Road Wheel is the logical choice.

Just choose your Magic Bullet be it the Ultralight 1.45, Standard 2.45, or the Clincher version from ENVE Composites.

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