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DUX Cube

Review: DUX Cube

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We Liked

Light weight, the helmet looks heavier than what is really is. Every time we put the helmet in some ones hands they had the same comment. Wow its light..

Cool graphics. The way that they put the graphics on is with a special process you can look at a quick video on how its done here

Comes with different lenses for all light situations

Very comfortable to wear

Pretty nice that the lens can retract and be put down when you want with just a simple and quick movement. This totally negates the series of complex moments and maybe even siting up to put your glasses in your back pocket. You don't have to mess with it.

Nice thick pad on the chin strap. We love this feature as we hate to have excess straps flopping around. Its kind of a pet peeve with me. Most helmet companies just put a rubber strap and eventually that breaks down and falls off. This is a soft sweat pad that goes on the strap itself. Love it.

Does not fog up as the helmet has plenty of ventilation. Sitting at the stop light my fiance noticed that I had the lens down and it was not fogging up. I hadn't thought of it until I looked at her glasses and they were all fogged up.

So how does it preform? At the first race of the season (Davis Douglas #1) it was a clear and very bright 88 degrees out side and 2/3 of the course was in bright sunlight and the other part was in dark forest. One of our test riders was skeptical when I told her that this is the helmet that she should use and skip the sun glasses. "Ok,,, Ill try it on a test lap". Inge came back and looked at me with a big wide grin and said "that is the ticket!" She said that going from bright sunlight to the dark forest was very easy. The visor when right up and se was able to attack the single track. After her race she told me how she could pass people and how other racers were slowing down because they could not see very well. I showed the helmet to some other people to get their thoughts and they were wishing that they had that helmet on that day.

We Didn't Like

Lens could be a bit bigger for our taste as we noticed some wind getting in with the cross winds.

Bug net would be a nice addition as well.

The Final Say

This is a great helmet and is one of the big sleepers of the industry. If you were to buy a helmet in this category you would spend $200.00 or thereabouts to beginwith. Then lets add on some premium sunglasses at a conservative price of $100.00 and you may or may not get with extra lenses... For $199.00 you get a Primo helmet with a visor and 2 extra lenses. There are lots of advantages to having a helmet with a visor here are just a few. Your glasses will always be put away safely, you won't sit on them, you cant scratch them when the visor is up, you wont loose them, some one would have to steal your helmet to get your glasses. You don't have to take them off in a ride and put them in your pocket. When you consider the package of glasses and helmet then its easy to see that this package is a bargain..

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