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DT Swiss 240s Center Lock Disc-ready Hubs

Review: DT Swiss 240s Center Lock Disc-ready Hubs

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We Liked

Buttery, creamy, smooth and silky... mmmm, are we discussing a sweet new dairy treat? Nope, I'm referring to a delectable set of... hubs! These DT Swiss 240s hubs are among the smoothest hubs I've ever used. We tested the 240s hubs on a set of wheels custom built by Sugar Wheel Works in Portland Oregon, specifically designed for our disc brake-equipped test mule -- the Colnago World Cup 2.0 cyclocross bike.

I love how these DT Swiss hubs are an amazing platform for a high quality custom wheel build. With multiple sizes and interchangeable parts, you really do need to know what to order. But you can build a wheelset that will suit you and your bike. Spoke count -- 20 to 32 for 700c setups. Do you need a stiffer wheel or one with more flex? Axle size -- thru bolt or 5 mm standard? To me, it's another great excuse for talking with a talented wheelbuilder.

I love the DT Swiss super smooth stainless steel bearings and races, a very high quality option that is less expensive than ceramic bearings. You can probably find lighter hubs, yet the 240s are a very good balance of low weight and durability. And -- more options. They are compatible with SRAM and Shimano 9 and 10 speeds, and there is also a 9 through 11 speed Campagnolo option. For our disc build, we even had the option of the standard 6 bolt pattern for the rotors or the Center Lock system by Shimano. We ended up with the lighter Center Lock version.

I love the interchangeable end caps that will allow you to use standard quick release skewers with 5 mm axles, 9 or 10 mm thru bolts and even 12 mm thru axles. Our set came with 9 mm thru bolt on the front, which will stiffen up the already beefy front end of our Colnago. This might be handy on some of my lesser 'cross bikes that have issues with front end chatter! The rear is the DT Swiss' "RWS" (Rachet Wheelmounting System) axle, which has the 5 mm axle and the racheting handle. I'm a fan, read my review elsewhere on our website... on the DT Swiss axles!

Jude Kirstein, founder of Sugar Wheel Works, demonstrated for us how interchangeable these hubs are. Once the cassette is removed, the freebody comes apart for easy access to the bearings and pawls. Handy for cleaning out any cyclocross muck and mud! While Jude had the hub apart, she swapped out the standard pawl for a finer 32-tooth one. This means whatever power I'm able to muster will go faster toward forward motion, because the freebody is engaging faster.

Grab the cassette on one of your own wheels and spin it very slowly. Notice how long it takes before the next "click." Unless you have a setup like our customized DT Swiss 240s, chances are there's a lot of play in between the clicks. That's lost power!

We Didn't Like

The DT Swiss 240s hubs are expensive, but you get what you pay for. They are finely made in Switzerland. DT Swiss found a trade-off for that as well -- their 350 hubs are the same design, just as interchangeable, a little heavier and more affordable, and not made in Switzerland. The high end stainless steel bearings will work in the 340s as well. If you don't need the lightest hubs, save some pennies now, and spring for the nicer bearings and pawls when it's time to replace them!

The Final Say

Too bad our ratings only go up to five cowbells. I love these hubs. The DT Swiss 240s hubs are a top quality hub choice for a reliable high-end wheelset that you want to use for training as well as races. You could spend more or get a lighter hub for race days only, but you'd have to look hard to find a hub with as many options. Or one as smooth.

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