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Clemente PDX Crusade Tires

Review: Clemente PDX Crusade Tires

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We Liked

When I got the Clement PDX Crusade tires I sat down and started going over them immediately. We have a lot of mud here in the pacific northwest and a good high quality mud tire is very important if you want to stay upright. The tires are very supple and have a pretty good thread count. The PDX Crusade's thread count comes in at 120 TPI. The higher the TPI (Threads Per Inch), the higher the quality and the more supple the tire is. This also means a better riding tire. The tire will conform to the ground more and that means better traction. Repeat after me "Traction Good".

I want to be perfectly clear on this particular point. I am a cyclist and I am not a WWF professional wrestler. So one thing that I hate is having to sit down and wrestle a tire onto a rim for half and hour. My hands get all dry, blistered, banged up and they ache for hours afterwards. In addition to that I can't tell you the graveyard of bike tire levers that I am personally responsible for would probably fill a small swimming pool. So I can tell you how happy I was when I installed the new Crusade PDX tire from Clement. I got them on the rim in no time at all and I was pretty excited to try them out as it rains here all of the time in Portland, did I mentioned that? I took this as a very good sign that the tire would feel very subtle on terra firma. To me this means that the QC is right on the money at the factory and that the tire is well made. I have seen many variations of tire and bead width in my days.

The tread of the PDX Crusade was interesting to me. I am more interested in the side knobs and the orientation of them than the center knobs. The side knobs are critical for edging and cornering vs. the center tread. I was pretty happy with the side knobs as they look like the side profile of a hammer or a Ice ax. This knob has a long handle like section with a shorter hook like section at the top. This forms its unique hammer like shape. The long side of the knobs when rolling act like scoops and dig into the mud giving great traction for edging. The space in between the knobs is very important as well. As the side knob digs into the ground the dirt that is displaced by the knob needs to go somewhere. That dirt or mud is pushed into the space between the tread. So if there is hardly any space between the tread the knob will not be able to penetrate the ground as well. Because the PDX crusade has a good space between the tread the long knobs are able to dig into the mud. This leads me to the next aspect of a good tread pattern that I look at for a cyclocross tire.

The second thing that I look for in a cyclocross mud tire is "openness". When we refer to how open the tread is on a tire we are referring to the spacing between the knobs. The less open a tire is, the more it will hold on to the mud. This is very undesirable for muddy conditions. We want a mud tire to be open so it will shed the mud as it comes up from the ground and have clean tread going into the mud when it comes back around. This tire does an excellent job in both of these aspects. We raced this tire in the Cross Crusades this year and we saw all kinds of mud. We rode in think Nutella mud (Ranier HS), greasy mud (PIR, Krugers Crossing), combination mud (Washing County Fairgrounds) and the tire worked! It did an excellent job clearing mud and edging.

We Didn't Like

Can you please make a tublar in this tire PLEASE!

The Final Say

Do you pray to the cyclocross Gods for rain? We do! This is the tire that you will need when they answer your prayers. This tires is truly a supple mudder! Buy them put them on and get dirty! However, your competition will know you have them because the mud will fly off the tire and in to their face as your rail around the corner leaving them to slide out and take a mud bath! The other great thing about this tire is that you can use it in dryer conditions. Dry tires work well in dry conditions but dont work for muddy conditions. Mud tires work well in dry conditions but are execlent in in muddy conditions. Hup! Hup!

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